It can develop team bonds, wow potential clients, promote brand values, and generate more significant attention, resulting in a larger crowd at a corporate event. For a private event, compelling entertainment will ensure that visitors are entertained while relieving the host of worry and pressure. 

So the question isn’t whether or not to have entertainment at your event, but rather which type of entertainment to hire. If you Google “entertainment near me,” you’ll likely receive an extensive list of results. Continue reading to learn about three unusual live entertainment types to hire.

1. Contortionist

A unique method for mesmerizing your audience is to hire a contortionist. A contortionist is a performer who twists their body into unusual forms. It’s considered a sort of performance art, and the contortion necessitates a considerable amount of flexibility. It’s a fun art form to observe because of the distinct movements and shapes created. 

Observe in astonishment as the contortionist folds forward while maintaining their legs straight or places their legs behind their shoulders to form a human knot! As the contortionist performs the splits, give your friends and family that painful look! Contortionists can perform incredible feats like fitting themselves into tiny boxes! 

A contortionist will provide you with the fantastic queasy element you may prefer in your entertainment! Essentially, a contortionist will entertain your audience with a stunning live presentation that will wow your visitors and impress them, regardless of their entertainment preferences.

2. Christian Rappers

For years, hip-hop music has thrived in the Christian music genre. Christian rappers have a similar beat, rhythm, and sound to their contemporaries, but inspirational and faith-based themes characterize them. 

Christian Hip Hop has recently begun to make its way into mainstream entertainment as a popular underground genre. It has grown in popularity throughout time, with most popular artists using their music to speak about diverse issues from a Christian perspective. 

Most theological or biblical hardships may turn people against this genre because of religious disagreements (i.e., the Chrostophobic). However, the hip-hop vibe’s mood and style are still visible even in Christian-empowered lyrics.

3. Circus Performer

In the last two decades, the circus has undergone a tremendous transformation, shedding its ‘big top and sawdust’ image and growing into the dazzling and theatrical skills we witness today in Cirque du Soleil and other shows. Today’s circus performers are adept as acrobats, dancers, and presenters. 

Our circus acts span the genres of classic circus, cabaret, street entertainment, and even athletics. When it comes to circus acts, it’s usually a question of which act best fits your event’s profile. There’s a reason the circus is called “come one, come all”: it’s entertaining for both boys and girls of all ages, making it a great party theme for everyone. 

We could all use less screen time, especially youngsters, and it’s challenging to look at your phone while swinging from aerial silks, which is another benefit of a circus birthday party. It gets your guests up and moving, conversing, and having a good time!