Who says SEO needs to be challenging? All you have to do now is figure out what will work best for your website and keep track of your progress to see what is and isn’t working. If you’re considering how to increase your site’s organic traffic and Google ranking, we’ve put together a SEO checklist that covers strategies to improve your SEO in 2022.

Relevant Phrases

Google began scouring text for relevant phrases and sentences that might provide beneficial information to a user’s query, even if they aren’t important to the article’s point, thanks to an element called passage indexing. Google will aim to improve its understanding of user search intent and give more relevant results with BERT and now MUM.

This is something that content marketers may react to by expanding on the information they supply in their content. To increase traffic from interested readers, touch on relevant themes and deliver beneficial isolated portions while remaining faithful to the goal of your material. The most important factor here is informativeness: Google’s goal is to show consumers the one or two phrases that best answer their query, no matter how deep it may be buried in a lengthy article.

Quality Content

Despite the fact that Google’s algorithms are tweaked on a regular basis, their north star has always been the same: quality. Google seeks to promote and rank web pages that give its users helpful, valuable, and relevant information. Your team must emphasize the quality of your web pages above everything else in order to rank higher in search results.

If you’re not sure what quality implies, consider the following quality signals that Google considers when ranking web pages: Reporting or analysis that is unique, Copy that is both comprehensive and topically rich, Content that is quick to load, interactive, and visually stable. Internal and external links that are relevant, Strong relevancy and search intent satisfaction. Google is getting better at spotting quality signals, so even if your competitors’ domains have more authority, you can still outrank them if Google considers your content to be more useful and complete.

SEO Analytics

If you don’t have a clear understanding of your current keyword ranks, how can you improve your SEO? Google Search Console is one of the greatest tools for figuring out which keywords are bringing in the most traffic and where there are still undiscovered traffic chances.

You can use the tool to find any pages on your site that have a lot of impressions but not a lot of organic traffic. This usually indicates that Google is displaying your material to a large number of searchers, but your ranking position is insufficient to generate actual clicks.

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SEO Consultant

Before setting goals or moving forward with a project, any decent SEO consulting or digital marketing agency will want to clear up any data integrity issues. Most SEO firms will refuse to gain access to your site, make modifications, and then publish them. There’s a lot of risk, and you probably know your site’s functionality better than we do.

Any agency worth its salt will examine your website to ensure that it has a solid technical SEO basis. This is usually where a lot of extra expenditures arise, because recommendations may alter URL structure or site hierarchy, resulting in the creation or modification of important resources or material on the site.


To sum up, improving your SEO in 2022 requires a focus on relevant phrases, quality content, and SEO analytics. Google’s algorithm has evolved to emphasize comprehensive information, unique analysis, and fast-loading, visually stable content. Keyword stuffing should be avoided, and quality content should be prioritized over everything else. 

Google Search Console is an essential tool that can provide valuable insights into your website’s performance in search results, identifying high impressions but low click-through rates, and improving your content’s performance to generate actual clicks.