6 January Attack – Surprised Whole World

United States President Joe Biden will accuse Mr. Donald Trump of the United States capitol riot on the anniversary of the attack, which occurred on January 6, 2021, in Washington DC. Members on the afternoon of January 6, 2021, surprised the whole world.

According to spokeswoman Jen Psak,” Joe Biden said his predecessor held single responsibility for the violence.” Analysts have arrested around 725 people associated with this attack.

Supporters of Mr. trump shouted angrily and attack the building as Congress met to certify Mr. Biden’s presidential election victory. The attackers and rioters smashed property and occupied the building for many hours. During this attack, five people died, and police shot one. Including 138 persons, many injured.

President Conference Meeting

Mr. Donald Trump requested rioters to march calmly on Congress. But he also advised them to fight and violence with the blame of bulk voter fraud he lost. On Thursday president had planned to host a news conference from his resort home Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. But he postponed the event after warning of negative press coverage.

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Taylor Budowich, A spokesman, said  for Mr. Trump, “it was shocking to see Mr. Biden spending the day trying to nation division to distract voters from crime, coronavirus school closures, and  rising inflation.”

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On Thursday morning, Mr. Biden will speak who never talks about his predecessor in  Statuary Hall, a place encroached by attackers. Press secretary of The White House said the president’s speech “will invest in the importance of the riots and what has happened about the singular responsibility president trumps.”

Ms. Psaki, a spokeswoman, said, “he will forcibly push the lies by Mr. Biden- he attempted misleading the people and his supporters. Also, he disrupted from his role that happened ”Mr. Biden was clear about the danger to our democracy, “She continued.

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, will preside a moment of silence at noon on the chamber floor. A House committee conducted an inquiry into the riot controlled by President Biden’s Democrats. The committee is checking call records, visitor records, and other documents of the White House that could highlight the event of an attack on Congress.

Violent Attack

After the attack, Mr. McConnell said Mr. Trump is morally responsible and practical. Some attackers involved in a hand-to-hand fight with police, a peaceful protest that turned into a row at the congress attack. After marking the riot as a “violent attack,” Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas criticized the right on Wednesday.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland updated the FBI inquiry on the evening of the anniversary. He called the operation one of the most complex, most extensive, and resource-intensive investigations in history. He said,” we will follow all the facts as Januarnever happened before the attack. The action which we have taken will not last. Around 140 police officers attacked and killed, including one who beaten by a gun until he got a heart attack. Attorney general said one other case. He said a voter crushed him between doors.

Results of the Attack

The attack was with a weapon Garland who is in  pressure due to  rioters  aggressiveness and former president and his allies in charge. He said, “We did investigations by laying an organization. We solve more cases first. The charges are for crimes that are not entitle to jail time. The FBI is still searching for 2,500  people, and private citizens submitted approximately 300,000 tips.

There was a attack on one attacker named Ashli Babbitt by a police officer. He was trying to save the House chamber. Another two deaths were due to cardiovascular disease and drug overdose.

According to medical officials, Police Officer Brian Sicknick’s death was natural after suffering two strokes while defending the building. 

We are in danger of civil fight and can lose our precious democracy without any prior indication. Before it’s too late, people should work together. After the battle, Mr. Donald Trump was attacked by the house and acquitted by the Senate, which his democrats dominated.

Wrapping Up

In total, ten republicans two resigned due to death threats, three were facing election challenges, and the other four kept a low profile. A life-long Republican voter James Clark, 69, from Virginia” it is shocking to see president Donald trump’s intentions to burn the house before leaving Washington.” Trump voter Keri Smith, 42, from Texas, disputed that the protest of the black lives was the worst. A Republican, Laura Powers, said she is still frightened by what she saw on tv. “It was a very frightening day and will not happen ever.” She added. This attack has been marked as the worst attack on the capital since 1812. A female-led communist group bombarded the US Senate in 1983. And at the time, nobody was injured.