Filmygod is a widely popular video streaming website that offers HD movies and web series without paying anything. However, as the site is infamous, it is banned in many countries.

When you’re enthusiastic about watching a movie, you can download it from specific websites. So, as you surf the internet, you can come across Filmygod, the topmost website to download movies and web series. Once you start going through the website, you can get anything from the most popular Bollywood movies to films dubbed in Hindi. Besides, you will also find web series in HD quality on Filmygod. In this article, we will cover more about the Filmygod website. We will also walk you through the steps to follow while downloading movies from the website.

What is Filmygod?

Filmygod is widely popular video streaming website that offers HD movies and web series without paying anything. However, as the site is infamous, it is banned in many countries. On the other hand, people are still keen on using ‘Filmygod’ because it offers the easiest way to get the latest movies. While you don’t have to pay a time, you only need a stable internet connection to navigate the website.

Recently, Filmygod has made some changes to its site with one of the sites for 1GB movie downloads. It also runs another site exclusively for 400MB movie downloads. But, even when the sites present a vast collection of movies online, it’s illegal to use them. The person about to download the films might have to face copyright issues.

How to Download Movies From Filmygod?

When individuals seek to download web series or films, they can think about using Filmygod. Moreover, it can be done within a few steps when it’s time to download the movies from the website. It is as simple as installing a mobile app on your smartphone. But, you should not worry about anything because we will list down the steps one after the other.

Steps to follow while downloading movies on the desktop

  1. As soon as you click on the icon of the internet explorer, you can type ‘Filmygod’ and search for the domain name. Alternatively, you can directly type the URL in the search field of the internet explorer.

  2. Soon after you come across the website, you have to click on the link to direct you to the website’s home page. When you view the homepage on the computer screen, you can check out the list of movies under different categories. 

  3. After selecting the movie, you either click on the ‘Save As’ option or the ‘Download’ button.

  4. Post clicking the ‘Download’ button, you can view a prompt to select the quality. These include 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p or full HD.

  5. Once you select the quality of your choice, you can thereby proceed to download the movie.

NOTE: The overall size of the movie entirely depends on the type of pixels you choose. If there are more pixels, a film will occupy more space on the system or the device.

Steps to follow while downloading movies on the mobile phone

Step 1: As you unlock your smartphone, you need to tap on the icon of the Chrome browser. You also have to type the domain name, ‘’, and tap the ‘ENTER’ option later.

Step 2: Soon after the web page loads, you have to scroll through the interface appearing on the touchscreen.

Step 3: To find the movie on your wish list, you can type the movie’s name in the search bar or scroll through the list of categories. Besides, you can also search for a particular film from the list of movies that show up on the touchscreen.

Step 4: If you select the movie from the list, a new web page will open on the mobile phone’s screen. But, you need to tap on the ‘Back’ option at that moment.

Step 5: Later, you have to click on the desired movie’s name so that it will direct you to a new web page.

Step 6: Now, scroll down the web page and look for the ‘Download’ option. This option looks distinct, and it is orange in color. You can find the option just above the option, which is light green.

Step 7: Before you click on the option, you can scroll ahead to check out some screenshots to ensure the movie’s overall quality. Once you click on the orange-colored option, you will see two options, ‘Fast Download [480p]’ and ‘Fast DOWNLOAD [720p]’. You have to further click on either of the two options at this step.

Step 8: Now, you will come across two buttons: dark green and dark yellow. At that moment, you have to click one of the options.

Step 9: Soon after you click on an option, you will see a prompt to confirm that you’re not a robot. But, in that case, you have to tap on the ‘back’ option. Once again, you have to click on the download option and make sure you see the section to download the movie.

Step 10: After clicking on the section, the movie will download on the mobile phone. You can check out the progress through the section that you can see towards the bottommost area of the touchscreen. Once you download the movie, it will get
stored in the ‘Downloads’ folder.

What are the Several Features of Filmygod?

There are many reasons why Filmygod is the best torrent website. Let’s check out the features one after the other.

  • First and foremost, the website is popular among individuals because it offers free content for its users. But, many people don’t suggest using the website because it’s illegal.
  • As the entire interface is user-friendly, anyone can use the website.
  • The content across the website is organized under different categories. Hence, you will not have any trouble finding suitable videos or movies. Moreover, you can download and watch the movies and web series online.
  • As the backend team updates the website regularly, you are sure to find your favorite movies in a few instances. Way ahead, the site uploads and offers the latest movies as fast as you had thought.
  • Once you plan to watch a movie online, you can download the movie in the desired quality.>> Apart from Hindi and English movies, you can also download Hollywood movies and those in a few regional languages.

How to Find a Working Domain of the Filmygod Website?

The government has now blocked the main website because it comes under illegal websites. However, you will find many other sites that the team updates with new movies or web series. In such a case, the domain names of the sites are different. Consequently, Flimygod always keeps changing the main domain so that it can resume working in the usual way. So, with this in mind, you can use Google to find a working site domain so that you can download the movies in some way. Among the top domain extensions, you can try,,, and Flimygod.wap. Additionally, currently the active links include, and

More About the Filmygod Website!

When you open the Filmygod website domain link, it might not work at times. The federal government has removed the official website, but the Filmygod often changes the domain’s name to provide access to its library of movies. You can Google search “FilmyGod” to find the latest working domain. Once someone browses the website, many advertisements pop up on the screen. It helps to earn a significant sum of money through ads. We are not quite sure how much Filmygod earns. But, according to, Filmygod earns around US$ 11,367.

Safety Concerns and illegality

If you’re constantly going through the website, malware and viruses can attack your entire system. You can find a solution ahead to mitigate the extent of the cyber-attacks using Anti-virus. While filmygod is known to be a torrent-like site, using it is illegal as it contains unauthorized copyrighted content. This point is not as per the piracy act as you will across in countries such as India, the US, the UK, and more. A person can land in trouble if he shares the content with somebody else as it is illegal copyright infringement.

Vast Movie Catalog

As you navigate Filmygod, the site allows you to stream movies in nearly any language of India. You only have to select the genre of the film as per the language preference. There are many categories under which you will observe plenty of movies. These include web series, Bollywood movies, Punjabi movies, movies dubbed in Hindi, and more. Apart from everything else, you can also check out the ‘upcoming movies’ section to know what the site will feature in the forthcoming days.

There are numerous apps available online which nothing but legal alternatives to Filmygod. So, let’s take a quick look at what the different apps offer.



Netflix Inc. has always offered a subscription streaming service since 1997. Besides, the website also offers a library of films and TV series you can watch through a certain plan. You can also go to a separate section if your kids are enthusiastic about watching animated movies.

Prime Video


Amazon Prime Video

When you want to watch unlimited movies, you can go to Amazon Prime. Apart from the most popular movies, you can enjoy watching Amazon Originals. These include web series that youngsters roll out to entertain the users. 




When you visit the homepage of Vudu, you can check out the movies which Filmygod has recently added. While you can access the website for free, you even select the movies if you know the release date. 




When you go through Zee5, you can check out movies in more than ten different languages. With the help of the mobile app, you can also check out the movies on an Android smartphone or a mobile phone running on iOS.

Disney+ Hotstar



Recognized as India’s largest streaming platform, Disney+ Hotstar covers live sports and movies in Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, and many other languages. While Novi Digital Entertainment manages the entire website, Disney Media is responsible for operating the site. 




SonyLIV is nothing but a premium streaming platform that can enable you to watch your favorite movies. Once you log into SonyLIV, you will also be able to enjoy live TV channels online. So, if you wish to try SonyLIV, you can have to pay for a subscription plan.

MX Player



When you set aside some time to watch music videos, movies, and TV shows, you can think about MX Player. While the video-on-demand platform has more than 200 million users worldwide, it presents a library of many movies. 

In addition to the apps stated above, you can also watch movies on different apps like Ullu, Alt Balaji, and Hulu.

FAQs Regarding the Filmygod Website




On a concluding note, you must always be careful before you download or stream movies from Filmygod. You need to remember this point because the website is illegal and not safe to use. However, if you can’t resist the urge to watch a movie, you should go through the legal alternatives. If you’re in doubt, you must not download the movie because it can affect the system due to a virus.