Reason of Biden and Putin Conversation 

Before the video conference Biden warned Putin that Russia and its top largest banks could be hit with the most challenging economic sanctions if it invades Ukraine.

The Russian Government, Kremlin said that president Joe Biden and Putin had swapped threats with respect to Russia’s military near the Ukrainian border. Putin accused Nato forces “this is the hazardous attempt to develop Ukrainian territory  and increase potential along our borders” 

As Putin went on to demand “legal guarantees’ ‘ which will restrain nato from extending its territory toward  Russia. Or will place missile systems in countries bordering Russia. Visit Here: gopage7

Two Hours of Virtual  Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian President Vladimir Putin started a virtual talk on the Ukraine crisis Tuesday morning. In addition, they are going to discuss the issues which are accelerating between Ukraine and Russia on a  video call on Tuesday morning which is expected to be highly substantial.

Before The video conference, U.S. officials said,” Biden tells Putin that we are looking for good relations with the US. And Russia will not attack on anyone deliberately. But we have our red lines; if it does.

Glimpse of Video Call 

According to the white house, the talks began at (15:07 GMT; 18:07 Moscow time).;

At the beginning of the call, Mr. Putin said, “Greetings, Mr. President!” according to a video.

Mr. Biden replied very pleasantly, “Good to see you again.” He said we didn’t get a chance to see one another at the time of G20. I’m hoping next time we will do it personally.

According to footage of video conferencing by Russian state television, Mr. Putin and Mr. Biden were seated at a long wooden desk on a large video screen in front of each other. As the call started, Mr. Putin waived to Mr. Putin.

Mr. Putin picked up the call from his residence located in Sochi, from the Russian resort city on the Black Sea.

Why This Virtual Meeting is Important for Mr. Biden

The virtual meeting is essential for Mr. Biden, as he is trying to maintain a democratic relationship whose security U.S. officials have promised to defend against the security crisis.

“Ukraine poses a threat to Russia through its political ties and close military.” Mr. Putin has complained.

But Mr. Biden’s options are confined and finite. He does not want to send U.S. Troops into battle on behalf of Ukraine. Alternatively, Mr. Biden will warn Mr. Putin has several consequences. According to the senior official reporter who told on Tuesday, “

What Next….

Similar warning like this will restrain the Russian president,  who has spent years of Western sanctions in the past. Visit Here: wmt24

Which includes longtime support for a pro-Russian separatist insurgency in Ukraine’s east and Mr. Putin’s 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.

According to U.S. officials, Mr. Putin has not decided to conquer Ukraine. 

But the U.S. has diclised that Russia’s military has prepared a battle plan that aims as  175,000 troops running towards Ukraine’s border.

A secure force that Ukraine’s military would have little ability to stop despite U.S.-provided training and training equipment.

Biden officials said the call with Mr. Putin, like the meeting the two leaders held in Geneva in June, would cover other issues, including cybersecurity, nuclear arms control, and Iran’s nuclear program.

He spoke to French President Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister of Italy Mario Draghi, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to Biden administration official “Biden’s team has recognized a set of economic penalties to impose should Russia launch an invasion,”

on Twitter, European Commission President Ursula @vonderleyen said,” We will respond to any further aggressions by scaling up and expanding existing sanctions,” We are always ready to take additional restrictive measures in coordination with our partners.”


Jake Sullivan, the United State national security adviser, said that the conversation between Mr. Putin and Mr. Biden was straightforward. There was lots of flexibility. Despite this, the president was evident in his mind about where the US stands on all of these matters. Visit Here:  eblogz