Omicron: Cause for Concern

A day after the omicron virus was detected, US president Joe Biden said, “cause for concern, not a cause for panic.” However, due to the new cases found in Canada, the US has implemented a ban on traveling from eight southern African countries and several other countries.

In the remarks at the white house, Biden said on Monday that it is inevitable that omicron, which is reported firstly by South Africa, would be found in the US.

Biden Strategy to Deal with Omicron Variant 

Biden requested that all Americans get vaccinations, including boosters. We will accelerate their deployment and development with every tool available. This is a new variant, and hopefully, updated vaccinations are needed to respond.

After meeting his Covid-19 advisers, Biden said, “just as we have faced the ones that came before it” “We’re going to fight this new threat,” he said.

He said to bring a more detailed strategy on Thursday to deal with this situation. He said this strategy does not include any shutdowns or lockdowns but more widespread vaccinations, testing, boosters, and more.” 

“Lockdown is not under consideration,” He added. Biden said,ñ “There’s no need for any lockdowns if people are vaccinated and wear their masks.

Effects of Omicron 

Including South Africa, where the new variant originated, the US declared a ban on traveling from Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, and Malawi. Apart from this, other countries like the UK, Canada, and the EU also restricted travel from south Africa, which recalls the earliest days of the pandemic in 2020. However, the restrictions are not applicable to US citizens and legal permanent residents.

Joe Bidden Outlined New Covid Guidelines
Joe Bidden Outlined New Covid Guidelines

From Where did Variant Came?

On Sunday Canada said that the omicron variant was founded first in two patients. Both had travelled Nigeria. However the third case was announced on Monday.

Where did Variant Came

The travel ban brought a time for the US to study a new variant, “Biden said.” However, the WHO declared omicron “a variant of concern.” There is still confusion about if it is related with the transmission or more risk of avoiding vaccines.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has taken steps to ban covid -19 by mandating masks and dismissing the latest flight restrictions as a “knee-jerk reaction.” He said, “we will not let them lock you down and take your job.” “We will neither harm your businesses nor close your schools. “He added.

President Biden Spotted Without a Mask

Mr. Biden, who once requested Americans to wear masks, has come under disobeying his own rules. In Nantucket, Massachusetts he was not wearing mask over his face on the occasion of Thanksgiving. Lady Jill Biden was also found at fault on Monday where she appeared in the White House without a mask, reading to a group of children who were all socially distanced and masked.

As per Al Jazeera, which has been told be Dr. Angelique Coetzee of the South African Medical Association who first Omicron in South Africa this month

“People infected with the new strain so far appear to have “very mild symptoms,” especially those who were inoculated after August.

 The Omicron variant is detected in more than ten countries including Canada, Australia, Portugal, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Mozambique.”