Bob Dole Died at Age 98

Bob Dole, a state legislator, Senate leader, house member who overcame world war ll to win his nomination for president, died on Sunday at the age of 98. According to the statements given by one of his family members, “He served the united state of America for 79 years.” Dole is survived by his daughter Robin Dole and wife, former Sen. Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina. Dole’s family said, “America has lost one of its heroes; our family has lost its rock.”

He described to Fox News that he wanted to be remembered for his services, who gave his best for his country.

The Elizabeth Dole Foundation confirmed the death of Dole on Sunday. And according to a statement given, he died early this morning in his sleep. read more : onlinewebworld24

Senator Robert Joseph had earlier announced this year that he was suffering from stage IV lung cancer and was beginning the medications.

“America has lost one of its heroes, and our family has lost its rock,” Dole’s family said in a statement. They added “they shared Dole with Americans “from every walk of life” over the decades.”

Life of Bob Dole

Robert Joseph Dole was born on July 22nd, 1923, in Russell, a western Kansas farming community. He was the eldest among four children. His father sold cream, egg, and dairy products, and his mother used to sell sewing machines and vacuum cleaners to help support the family at the time of depression. Dole attended the University of Kansas for two years before enlisting in the Army in 1943.

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President Joe Biden and Bob Dole

President Joe Biden expresses his long friendship with Dole that he worked with on opposite sides of the Senate floor throughout their careers. He expressed Dole as a man with “an unerring sense of integrity and honor.”

Reflected on his decades-long friendship with Dole, who he worked with on opposite sides of the Senate floor throughout their careers. In a statement Sunday afternoon, Biden described Dole as a man with “an unerring sense of integrity and honor.” Read More About: eblogz

He Tweeted, “Bob Dole, who has always been admired by Americans. He was a person who never made mistakes and unerring sense of honor and integrity. May God bless him. May our nation draw upon his legacy of dignity, decency, good humor, and patriotism for all time.”

In a statement released on Sunday, Biden said, “Dole was an influential voice of conservatism, and this was the special combination which made him such a giant of the Senate.”

Bob Dole : A Powerful Voice 

“He embodied the integrity, humor, compassion, and unbounded work ethic of the wide-open plains of his youth. He was a powerful voice for efficient conservatism.” “Bob was the war hero among the greatest generation and American statements like few in our history.” And to me, if I say he was a trusted friend whom I can look for trusted guidance. I will miss my friend always, but I am grateful for the time and moments we cherished together. I’ll be grateful for the relationship and bond we shared with Liddy and the whole dole family.” He added.

In a report released by white House, Biden ordered on Sunday evening that flags at public buildings and at the White House will be flown at half-staff in honor of Dole. Biden said, “as like in all friendship, no matter how much time has passed, we picked it up right where we left, as we were debating on the great issues and sharing a laugh on the Senate floor.” Biden said I’ve seen the same light and determination in his eyes like I used to see it before.

Career of Bob Dole’s

Dole started his career after winning a seat in the Kansas House. As a politician, he was a major force in the Republican Party for three decades. Till 2018 Dole held the record of longest-serving Republican leader of the senate, nearly 11 years. Read More About: eblogz

When “the American century,” came he played many roles. At World War II, he fought and lost his right arm, nearly died.

Jim McGrath, Bush’s spokesman, explained “a last, powerful gesture of respect from one member of the Greatest Generation, @SenatorDole, to another.”

Dole and his wife, Elizabeth, are known as Washington’s most glamorous power couples. As a Harvard-educated lawyer, she served as secretary of Transportation in Ronald Reagan’s administration, secretary of Labor under George H.W. When Elizabeth successfully ran for a Senate seat from her native North Carolina, Dole campaigned for his wife.

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“I have but one wife to give to my country,” Dole quipped.

Famous for His Sense of Humor

Dole was particularly known as a pragmatist, who liked to work on bipartisan issues with democrats, especially on disability rights. He was a blunt and sharp speaker.

When he received the honor of Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1997 from Bill Clinton , at the time he started reading the oath before joking, “sorry, wrong speech.”

In 1997 when he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Bill Clinton, he started reading the oath before joking, “sorry, wrong speech.”

At the time of receiving a Gold Medal, which makes him the eighth senator to be honored. He said, “I want to thank to all of them who’ve said these words about me,” 

When he received the highest civilian honor by Congress he joked “They’re not probably true, but they were good” Read More About: wmt24