According to law enforcement officials, six juveniles are questionable on arranging a campaign nationwide of bomb danger against black college campuses.

FBI Investigating Six Juveniles Involved in HBCU Threat

Which Universities Received Threatening Calls

On Monday, at least seven H.B.C.U.s, A&M College in Baton Rouge, La., and Delaware State University in Dover,  including Southern University and Del., received bomb threatening calls. And another ten black universities, including Spelman College in Atlanta and Howard University in Washington, received threatening calls. These hoax calls targeted dozens of universities, colleges, and places of worship, which barbed on Tuesday, the first day of Black History Month. The group uses an advanced technology method to camouflage the origin of their calls. 

What F.B.I Said?

The F.B.I. is inspecting the case crucially. At the time of the event, there were no explosives found. However, the F.B.I. said In a statement on Wednesday that its Joint Terrorism Task Forces was ruling the inspection as a top priority, which includes more than 20 officers.

Some of the campuses were approximately empty due to pandemics and winter break, but administrative buildings and rooms were still cleaned.

According to a statement given by the F.B.I., it is said that there were no explosive devices available at the time of the event. But the F.B.I. will take all this danger seriously and work as a priority with seriousness. They committed to deal with this matter surely.

U.S. media said in a statement that in this case, six children were suspected of being interested in this case. Therefore, this case will be inspected rationally.

Reason of Campuses to Move Online

The campuses and colleges that got the calls were supposed to close the doors and send alerts in place. Instead, many of them moved to online learning as they were frightened. The school and universities took safety by moving from online and sweeping universities.

According to the local police chief In Daytona Beach of Florida, the caller blamed a neo-Nazi group called Division.

Police Chief Jakari said that a total of seven explosives were there in the backpacks, and they were c-4. There was an active shooter that was imagined to happen. An A19-year-old student of Spelman College said that many of us might feel like it’s political. 

On Tuesday, Press Secretary of White House Jen Psaki described this danger as disturbing. She said it is frightening and terrible that students, teachers, and institutions are not feeling safe.