Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell

A picture is shown in U.S. court today in which Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell appear to be relaxing together at the Queen’s Balmoral. These photos seized from Epstein’s New York home in 2019 show how they were “partners in crime.”

The images were taken in 1999 at Balmoral. The couple was friends with Queen Elizabeth’s third child, Prince Andrew, and he invited them to Balmoral and asked them to stay at a Scottish estate. At that time, Prince Andrew refused. Prince Andrew allegedly has not committed any wrongdoing in the case.

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Reason Behind this Crime

As stated, Ms. Maxwell, aged 59, is on trial for grooming under aged girls for abuse by the Epstein during 1994 to 2004.

Ms. Maxwell’s defense lawyer said she is being blamed for her boyfriend and business-related crimes. Epstein was taken to court as he was running a “huge network” of underage girls for sex, but he died before facing any trial in a jail located in New York.

They also talk about the Lolita Express – A private jet in which Epstein enjoying his foot massage given by Maxwell with a smile, sitting on an animal fur pouffe. It seems to be taken by Epstein as his foot is pressed against Maxwell’s breast.

A Quick View on the Founded Photos

The images shown to the court this week include other images too in which some of them, Epstein and maxwell together, are intimate with each other and embracing. A framed photo of the couple sitting on a table which shows the kissing of couple and an image of Ms. Maxwell on a bathroom wall.

Ms. Maxwell – who has American, British, and French citizenship – faces up to 80 years in prison for sex trafficking and perjury.

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Other pictures in which Maxwell and Epstein were riding motorbikes together, kissing on the cheek when traveling the globe together. In one image, the queen was at the same cabin.

Images of Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein released
Images of Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein released

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

Wednesday, Maxwell’s trial entered its 8th day after hearing from three women who said they were under-aged when Maxwell set them up for physically abuse.

To take the stand against, prosecutors should call one more victim and wrap up the case until Thursday, two weeks faster than they had generally forecasted.

It is still in doubt whether maxwell would testify; she could face a lengthy cross-examination by prosecutors.

Maxwell,59, is not in any guilt for her alleged role in grooming and recruiting underaged girls to abstain from abuse during 1994 and 2004.

Testified Victims

Two women who have testified, named Carolyn and Jane, said when they were 14, they had sexual contact with Epstein.

In Carolyn’s case, Maxwell was allegedly paid for interactions with Epstein. On Tuesday, more than four hours of tearful testimony, Carolyn recalled her troubled childhood in which her mother was an alcoholic, and she was also harassed by her grandfather when she was 4.

She said when Maxwell once embraced her to prepare to massage Epstein. She said Carolyn did wrong.


Lawyers of Maxwell debated that Jane, Carolyn, and a third woman, Kate who testified. They all are getting incentives to blame Maxwell because they received settlements amount of 7 figure which is a compensation fund.

In 2021 Kate was described as a victim against Maxwell, But Alison Nathan, who is the Judge of United States, controlled by saying that her encounters with Epstein were not illegal because she was mature enough.


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