Everything you need to know about HDMoviesHub

In today’s world, filmmakers and digital OTT platforms face loss of revenue due to movie piracy. But, with the use of the internet increasing day after day, individuals prefer to download or stream movies from piracy sites. Because of this, you will come across many piracy sites and those that are trying to thrive in the market. So, in this article, you will learn more about HDMoviesHub and its alternatives. Besides, you will also whether it’s safe to use HDMoviesHub.

What is HDMoviesHub?

Among the piracy websites, you can think about going through HDMoviesHub to watch movies and TV shows. As the website loads in less time and is easy to navigate, it has become popular among individuals. You can always download the movies anytime without paying a single dime. While you will observe an improvement in the features, you will observe the Anime series, which people love to go through. Additionally, you can enjoy watching movies and TV shows through a mobile app. Now, let’s check out the steps to download a particular movie.

What will you see when you are going through the HDMoviesHub website?

Soon after you type the domain name and press the ‘ENTER’ key, the site will have many web pages. Now, let’s take a quick look at what you will see on the different web pages.

Home Page

When you go through the website’s Home Page, you will view a lot of content. But, when you observe the menu next to the logo, you will observe many sections. You will also find the search box below the sections, which you can use to seek your favorite movies. You will also see the telegram channel link and some more sections that can help segregate specific content.


You will find many sub-categories when you hover the cursor on the ‘Movies’ section. These include Hollywood, dubbed movies, Hindi, Dual Audio, and Chinese dubbed movies. Later, you only have to select the suitable option to check out the films on the computer screen.

By Year

By Year is nothing but a section in which you will find the movies as per the year during which it was released. Eventually, you can search for almost any movie ranging from the ones in the 1990s and 2022.


Under the quality section, you can find movies in 720p, 1080p, 480p, and 300 MB. But, it’s up to you which film you will love watching at that moment.


Under this section, you can select the movie based on the type. For instance, you can go to the ‘Marvel Movies’ section if you are looking for an action-packed movie. Action, Thrill, Adventure, and DC movies are some types under the ‘Genre’ section.

TV Series

You can go through the ‘TV Series’ section if you’re always enthusiastic about TV shows.

NOTE: You can skim through the Privacy Policy web page to learn more about the privacy policies.

Once you decide to join the Telegram Channel through the link, you can enjoy watching many Hollywood movies, Dual Audio Movies, and high-resolution movies. You will also see the ‘How To’ download button towards the end.

How does HDMoviesHub earn?

Websites like HDMoviesHub don’t earn as much as you think. However, as the team manages an illegal website, the various advertisements on the site help make a certain sum of money. But you can’t say that Google Adsense is running such ads on HDMoviesHub. Ways beyond, customers have to be patient so that the advertisement disappears and they don’t click on them in the next instance.

How to download a movie through the website on your desktop?

You always have to follow some steps when you want to download movies on HDMoviesHub. But, you only need to follow some steps to download the film.

  • Step 1: Firstly, you have to find out the site which works properly. This step will be challenging because the government blocks such URLs.
  • Step 2: After finding the site, you need to type the movie’s name in the search bar.
  • Step 3: Once you seek the movie you wish to enjoy, choose the format. You need to select 1080p, 720p or the 480p format.
  • Step 4: After choosing the desired format, the site will direct you to the relevant link. You will further be able to download the movie once you click on the download link.
  • Step 5: At this instance, you can choose the desired location while the movie starts downloading.

NOTE: It is always a crime in India if you download a movie from a piracy website.

How to download a movie on a mobile phone?

You always need to follow specific steps when you wish to download a movie on HDMoviesHub.

  • Step 1: As soon as you unlock your smartphone, you have to tap on the browser.
  • Step 2: You have to enter the URL, www.hdmovieshub.co.in, and wait until the site loads.
  • Step 3: As the web page appears on the touchscreen, you will observe a search bar. You later have to type the movie’s name in the search bar.
  • Step 4: If you wish to download a movie from a particular category, you need to click on three lines. These lines will appear towards the right-hand side corner of the touchscreen.
  • Step 5: Once the menu appears on the touchscreen, you can search the movie by genre.
  • Step 6: When you view the movie’s thumbnail, you can scroll down. After passing through the screenshots, you will see the options’ Download 480p’ and ‘Download 720p’.
  • Step 7: As you tap on either of the black buttons, the options for selecting the server will appear on the touchscreen.
  • Step 8: You now have to select ‘Drop Server (Best).’ Afterward, you will see the web page of Drop Galaxy.
  • Step 9: Soon after you scroll through the web page, you will observe a timer. Besides, you have to confirm through CAPTCHA that you are not a robot.
  • Step 10: Later, you have to click on the ‘Create Download Link.’ Post clicking on the link, the web page will direct you to another web page from where you can download the movie.

What are the various features of the HDMoviesHub app?

As compared to other websites, HDMoviesHub has many features.

  • The server which the application uses is quite fast. Moreover, the site will allow you to stream the visual content quickly.
  • You can always download and enjoy watching the movie on HDMoviesHub. The best part is that you can watch the film without paying anything. But, when you wish to download the film, ensure that the site is working fine.
  • While the application is user-friendly, it offers an excellent interface, especially for its users. You can either go through the categories or type the name in the search bar.
  • As the HDMoviesHub app is small, it doesn’t occupy much space on mobile phones.
  • If you use the latest version, you will not get annoyed due to the bugs. You are sure to enjoy the movies and have a great experience.

What are the features of the HDMoviesHub.in website?

  • As the site allows you to download movies without paying a penny, you can download the films depending on your preferences. On the other hand, you can also stream the latest movies and gain access to dubbed movies.
  • Once you start browsing the website, it’s flexible and offers a simple interface. You can download the movies with ease and at any point in time.
  • As the server is fast, you can check out about the movie quickly after you seek a particular film.
  • The website is light, and it doesn’t take much time to load on a desktop or your personal computer.

What are the different proxy websites for HDMoviesHub.in 2022?

As the leading website features pirated content, the government always blocks the domain repeatedly. While the original website link is hdmovieshub.in, the URL that is presently working is allmovieshub.mobi. However, you can use some other links which serve as proxy websites. These include Hdmovies.xyz, Hdmovieshub.com, hdmovieshubz.in, Hdmovieshub.cc, Hdmovieshub.in, and Hdmovieshub.mobi. You will also find HDMoviesHUB.art as a domain that the website is using presently. To navigate the website, you only have to type the domain name, which will direct you to the website.

Bonus Tip:

In case you find it difficult to get access using links, you can google search “HDMoviesHUB” and you will find the latest link available.

Are there any piracy sites apart from HDMoviesHub in 2022?

Like HDMoviesHub, many piracy sites run on the internet. But, some sites have become popular in the online world. These include Tamilrockers, Filmyzilla, 7starHD, Moviesflix, and more. 

Even though you can download the movies for free through HDMoviesHub, you will face considerable risk. You will end up in deep trouble when you download the videos. Hence, we suggest you use legal sites which feature your all-time favorite movies. But, when you’re about to use the websites, you will have to subscribe to a specific plan. So, let’s look at the different websites from which you can download the movies legally.


Image Source

Since its inception, NetFlix has presented an extensive library of television series and films. Apart from the most popular movies, you can also check out documentaries. You can also switch to a different section if you want your kids to spend some time watching animated movies.

Amazon Prime

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While Amazon Prime offers on-demand OTT streaming services, you can watch movies in HD quality. As you while away your time, you can also stream the film on an HDTV with the help of the Amazon Fire TV stick.

Disney Hotstar

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Known to be one of the largest streaming platforms, Disney Hotstar offers plenty of movies in more than ten languages. In addition, you can also enjoy watching cricket, and other sports live through the site.

Sony Liv

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When you want to watch TV shows and movies and sports, there’s nothing better than Sony Liv. While the streaming platform was introduced in 2013, it is the first OTT service in India. Interestingly, the streaming platform is available in English and many regional languages.

 ZEE 5

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Managed by Zee Entertainment, ZEE 5 is yet another site that offers over-the-top streaming services. With its launch in 2018, the platform provides an incredible experience with videos in 12 languages. You can also watch the movies anytime through the mobile app of ZEE 5.


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Hosted by Viacom18, Voot is an on-demand platform that you can check out on iPhones and mobile phones running on Andriod. If you want to stay updated with current news affairs, you can even check the ‘News’ section.

Jio Cinema

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With more than 1 lakh hours of online entertainment, Jio Cinema is nothing but an OTT platform that RPPMSL is always proud to offer. While you explore the best studios in the world, you can go through the content in different languages and English. Apart from the OTT platforms mentioned above, you can watch movies through Mx Player, Crackle, ConTV, Pluto TV, and Vudo.

What are some of the recent movies leaked by the site?

Presently, the site leaks many movies in addition to numerous web series. These movies include Death on the Nile, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sooryavanshi, Pushpa, Bhuj: The Pride of India, etc.

What are some of the recent web series leaked by the site?

There are many web series that the site has already leaked. With this in mind, you will come across some series, namely, Call My Agent Season 5, Money Heist Season 5, Cobra Kai Season 3, Mirzapur Season 2, etc.

Is it safe to download movies from the website?

When you go to a piracy site, you will observe many pop-up ads. But, if you click on one of the ads, it can sometimes download software. This software can affect your system in the long run. You will have to face the consequences soon when the virus enters the system. The virus will subsequently corrupt the data you have stored on the drives. Hackers can also think about stealing confidential and valuable data on the hard disk.

FAQs regarding HDMoviesHub


On a concluding note, we would like to highlight that you have to think twice when downloading or streaming movies from HDMoviesHub. As a website is illegal to use, you can face adverse consequences in the future. However, if you’re keen on watching a particular movie, you can easily watch through HDMoviesHub.

If you find it difficult to access the links, search “HDMoviesHub” on Google and find the working link. Alternatively, you can use one of the alternatives. Further, when you’re going through HDMoviesHub, use safe browser as the computer is likely to get affected if you use unauthorise and unsecure websites.

You won’t have to go anywhere for downloading movies when you have DownloadHub.