Since the way of viewing movies and television shows is now transformed from mass media to on-demand streaming across viewing devices, today’s means of acquiring movies and TV shows to watch on our smartphones, smart TVs, and iPads is now made simpler with just a scan of a QR code being flashed on a television screen.

Because of the accessible means they provide to the video consumers, famous movie and TV streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon TV, and more are integrating a QR code generator online to streamline their device interconnection from phone to TV.

But to know how they do it, here is some information you will need to know about QR codes and how they have become one of the highly adapted wireless communications tools today.

What Essentially is a QR code?

A Quick Response code is a 2D type of barcode that writes and secures data better than a regular barcode. They first used this type of barcode in automotive assembly. In the automotive assembly process, each part is integrated with a QR code that helps mechanics assemble the correct part without manually verifying its match.

This 2D barcode is now taken to a new height from being used in the automotive industry. Sharing and encrypting information between people is made easy by just scanning one being placed on any marketing surface.

How do Famous Movie and TV Streaming Apps use QR Codes?

With the vast presence of a free best QR code generator with logo online, famous movie and TV show streaming apps are using QR codes in the following means.

Increasing their Social Media Following

Since there are billions of users today casually scrolling through social media to view posts and videos that pique their interest, moviemakers and their partner streaming companies are taking this opportunity to get their movies and TV show known online via social media.

Because of that, social media plays a vital role in gathering more people to watch and enjoy movies and dramas being released on famous movie and TV show streaming apps.

As a result, boosting their social media pages is a challenging task that they need to make use of

Sneaking in Exclusive Clips to Movie Trailers

Since the inauguration of QR codes in the pandemic stricken era, Netflix, a famous movie and TV show streaming platform, has been adding these 2D barcodes in one of the movie scenes to unveil important video clips about the movie or TV show itself.

The QR code solution used mainly by Netflix is the video QR code and is currently embedded in movies and TV shows like Red Notice, Start-Up, and Don’t Look Up.

Creating Phone to TV Connection

Aside from integrating QR codes as part of their marketing strategies and efforts, other streaming apps also incorporate these codes to create a seamless phone to TV connection.

With more accounts made via mobile apps, the need to connect your account to your TV app is seamlessly highlighted by most users. With QR codes, they can connect mobile to TV with just a scan.

How do Famous Movie and Streaming Apps Create their QR Codes?

With QR codes becoming part of the movie and TV show streaming culture today, favorite on-demand video streaming apps are now integrating QR codes as part of their futurizing on-demand services.

While a few integrate Google’s native QR code generator software, other services use an online QR code generator with logo software to create custom QR codes and tuck them in their print and digital marketing space.


Different on-demand movie streaming services emerge in an era where on-demand movies and TV shows reign supreme for the most audience. And as they increase, the competition in this space tightens.

Because of that, many TV and movie streaming apps are now looking for new enticing means to gather more users via marketing and other app uses.

Now that QR codes are gaining more traction throughout the years, many video and TV streaming services are now including these codes as part of their marketing and in-app processes.

As future-proofing is part of today’s marketing and operations means is essential for most businesses, QR codes are one of the tools they can integrate to boost their work and processes.