If you have been thinking about getting into PC gaming, you might be wondering where you should start. Building a gaming setup when you know little to nothing about gaming PCs and peripherals can seem intimidating, but it’s really simple once you understand the basics. And, a gaming setup only needs a handful of components.

Once you know what they are and how to pick them correctly, you should be able to build a great starter setup pretty fast. Let’s take a look at how you can build the perfect starter PC gaming setup.

Start with the Right PC

Everything starts and ends with your PC, so you have to choose wisely. You can either choose a laptop or desktop here, but a desktop would be the best choice unless you need to be able to play from wherever you are.

You can get a beast of a machine for around $2000 if you go for a desktop and it will look nice under your desk too. You can also find Nvidia gaming PCs with 3650 cards for around $1200. Good luck finding that with a laptop. You’ll also be severely limited when it comes to making additions to a laptop. So, pick a desktop if you want to build a real station and add multiple peripherals.

Gaming Monitor

Now you need to get yourself a good monitor. The first things you have to look at here are size, technology, and resolution. Refresh rate is also very important. When it comes to technology, only go for a display that uses VA (vertical alignment) or IPS (in-plane switching) technology. IPS displays have better viewing angles and more accurate color than VA displays, but VA displays have deeper blacks.

This is why IPS displays are considered the best for gaming while VA displays are better for watching movies. But you should know that the difference between the two will be minimal, so if you want to be able to do both, then you should go for a VA display. If you want to do gaming only, then IPS is the way to go.

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When it comes to resolution and refresh rate, anything that can run 1440p or greater with a 144 Hz refresh rate should be more than enough, though you can bump that refresh rate to 244 Hz if you want to make sure.

Get a Good Chair and Desk

The chair and the desk should be the two next items on your list. You need a chair made from a breathable material like pleather or SoftWeave, plenty of lumbar support, and that is easily adjustable. Also look for additional features like a footrest, cup holders, audio jacks, and integrated speakers.

As far as the desk goes, you need something with plenty of space for the feet that will be adjustable as well. The surface has to be wide enough for your setup and any peripherals you want to add and made from a non-slippery surface. Look for things like LED lighting too if you like to game at night.

This is all you need if you want a nice starter setup you can build around. You’ll be able to enjoy your games comfortably and get all the performance that you need to be competitive.