The country is still dealing with the destruction left in the wake of Hurricane IDA, which touched down on the 29th of August, knocking out power for over 1 million people in Louisiana.

A confirmed tally of 82 people has died from the storm, which hit Louisiana as a Category 4 hurricane. This is in addition to the destruction it left across eight other states.

In Louisiana alone, 26 lives have been claimed by the storm. The Health Department of Louisiana confirmed two additional deaths related to the storm on Tuesday in St. Tammany Parish. They were a 68-year-old man who fell from a roof while repairing damages caused by the hurricane, and a 71-year-old man who passed away due to a lack of access to oxygen during an extended power outage.

An additional 11 deaths were announced on Wednesday, all in the Orleans Parish, and another nine due to heat-related health complications due to power outages. Two more passed away of carbon monoxide poisoning.

At least 52 have been reported to have died in the Northeast. On Monday, the Police Department of Harrison in Westchester County of New York state had confirmed the recovery of a woman’s body who was reported missing during last week’s flooding.

President Joe Biden weighed in on the damages of the hurricane, surveying Ida’s remnants in New York and New Jersey late on Tuesday.

In a statement Biden gave reporters, he said that amid the storm’s devastation, there was also an “opportunity” to open the rest of the nation’s eyes and get people to heed the urgent climate change warnings from environmental scientists. He added, “I think we’ve all seen –even the climate skeptics are seeing — that this really does matter.”

Biden has attributed the recent extreme weather as a critical reason why Congress should pass the infrastructure package he’s been pushing.

Due to hurricane IDA efforts for recovery continue in the South, where around 70% of the 950,000 customers of Entergy Utility who lost power finally had it restored, as reported by the company on Wednesday.

Back to Louisiana, 300,000 customers remained with power outages until Wednesday evening, and in New Orleans, 83% of those who had lost power regained it while 35,000 still remain in the dark, as reported by Entergy. That same evening, Entergy stated that it aimed to have at least 90% of customers in New Orleans with power restored later that night. 26,000 workers are working to restore downed and damaged power lines in the affected areas. However, some of the harder-hit areas aren’t expected to have power back online until the 29th of September, according to the company’s reports.