Kamagra products are the newer equivalent of Viagra. The pills and oral jelly tablets have been around since Pfizer’s patent for generic sildenafil expired, and it’s given men all over the UK and beyond the same benefits at a lower price.

Like Viagra, Kamagra pills are more than just a tool for men to get it up enough for a great shag. The pills may have several benefits that go beyond sex, age, gender, and maybe even humanity.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the non-sexual benefits of these erectile dysfunction (ED) pills.

Kamagra Pills Could Help with Blood Circulation to Other Areas

The male penis needs increased blood supply during an erection. The sildenafil in Kamagra pills is a phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor, meaning it relaxes the blood vessels to increase blood flow to other parts of the body and makes the human heart work a little less hard.

Thus, your nether regions aren’t the only parts getting an increased blood supply. This benefit applies to other organs of your body, which is why the ED pill is also recommended for hypertension and Reynaud’s.

The latter is a condition that’s more common in women than men. It’s characterized by a sudden narrowing of the blood vessels in the extremities like toes and fingers due to cold weather or stress. As a result, these parts lose colour, resulting in extreme pain.

ED pills can help relax the blood vessels in these extremities and resume blood supply to these parts.

Kamagra Pills Might Aid in Jetlag Recovery

In 2007, a team of Argentinian scientists administered the ED pills with light therapy in hamsters. They discovered that the combination reset the animals’ circadian rhythm and helped them recover 50 per cent faster from forwarding shifts in their time cycle.

If applied to humans, this could mean we can fly from west to east and deal with the jetlag that arises from a drastically forward shift in time.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been many new developments following this study, and it’s all but dead in the water. However, the fact that it works for hamsters remains. That is, in case they ever plan on flying.

Kamagra Doesn’t Improve Sexual Urges

People often confuse sexual stimulation with the urge to have sex. Kamagra helps you with the former, whereas the latter is entirely up to you. In other words, the ED pills won’t work unless you feel like engaging in sex in the first place.

Kamagra pills can help you firm up for sex, but they can’t make you want to have sex. A low sexual urge could be due to a number of psychological and physical changes in the body, and treating them is the only way to regain your sex drive.

Kamagra Makes Flowers Last Longer

Who knew Kamagra pills would extend the courtesy reserved for men to inanimate living things? You heard that right, folks! Kamagra pills prevent cut flowers from drooping and are used by some florists in place of the usual nitric oxide.

Flowers are forever in the sense that we’ll always need them around our homes and to make personal statements. Unfortunately, once separated from their roots, they have a very limited shelf life.

In 2002, an Israeli scientist found that a single milligram of Viagra absorbed in vase water could give plants that have been separated from their roots a temporary lift. While this development didn’t garner much interest due to Viagra being so expensive, people have tried this with Kamagra, which is both effective and affordable.

Kamagra Pills are Saving Animal Lives

ED has always been around, but ED pills weren’t developed until the ‘90s. However, the lack of science and technology didn’t stop men from coming up with ‘treatments’ based upon pure conjecture.

Unfortunately, the answer ended up being animals and herbs. The latter still fared better than the former category, which included:

  • Rhinos
  • Tigers
  • Seals
  • Reindeer

However, according to new surveys, more people are turning to research-based western medicine to treat ED. The decline in demand has put many traditional medicine shops out of business and reduced the poaching of rare and endangered animals.

Kamagra Could Beat Altitude Sickness

According to a 2003 study involving 12 French middle-aged test subjects, Viagra could help combat altitude sickness. Here’s how the doctors involved in the study came to this conclusion.

Half of the volunteers were administered three doses of sildenafil, whereas the other half were given placebos three times a day. They were then asked to pedal exercise bicycles at an altitude of 4,360 metres under the supervision of researchers.

The air is thinner at extreme heights, which is why the human body needs more oxygen to avoid altitude sickness symptoms like:

  • Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Brain failure
  • Lung failure

Results showed that sildenafil increased much-needed blood supply to the lungs and maintained oxygen levels in all six of the 12 volunteers.

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