Who is Allison and and what did she do?

To lead and organize an all-female battalion of the Islamic State group, An American woman Allison Fluke-Ekren has been arrested and charged. Allison Fluke-Ekren from Kansas purportedly taught children and women to use AK-47 assault rifles in Syria. As a result, she was arrested by federal prosecutors for providing support to a foreign terrorist organization.

It is also assumed that she is also responsible for recruiting operatives for a probable attack on us colleges in the future. If it is true, she could be jailed for 20 years.

When she was returning to face the charges, the details of the complaints were given in an FBI affidavit released on Saturday. This complaint was filled in 2019.

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Khatib Nusaybah : The All-Female Is Battalion

This all-female IS battalion called Khatib Nusaybah was allegedly set up in 2016 in Raqqa, Syria. Presently this city is the capital of the IS group. The battalion comprises female IS members married to male IS fighters. When Ms. Fluke-Ekren joined, she became the organizer and leader of the group. Her main task was to train women and children to protect themselves against IS enemies. She successfully introduced many women to suicide belts, grenades, and AK-47 rifles.

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She is also blamed for training children to use assault weapons, rifles, and many others. In an FBI affidavit, it is stated that her son was holding a machine gun when he was 5 or 6 years old.

How Did Elizabeth Fluke-Ekren Plan to Carry Out the Attack?

According to the Justice Department statement, Ms. Fluke-Ekren in Syria is also supposed to recruit operatives and plan for an attack on the US college campus. While attacking a shopping mall, she told a witness her wish and said it would be a total wastage of explosives if it could not kill more people. According to a statement, she explained that she could go and park a vehicle in the shopping mall. The vehicle is full of explosives in the garage, and a cell phone triggering device implodes it. According to a statement, she has given the group of terrorists and members with translating speeches by ISIS leaders.

Ms. Fluke-Ekren is accused of providing support, equipment, and resources to a foreign terrorist organization. On Monday at a federal courthouse in Alexandria, Virginia, her first appearance will be. She could face jail up to 20 years if it is likely true.

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