Mark Meadow and Political Vote

The House of Representatives from the United States has voted to suggest criminal charges against Mark Meadows, who is the chief staff to Donald Trump, after he completed his association with the panel inspecting the violent uprising against the government almost after a week. Mark Meadows worked as a chief staff from March 2020 to January 2021. Mr. Meadows said last week he would halt associating with congress. The vote majorly fell along with the political party voting 208 against and 222 in favor. He could face a fine of £75,631($100,000) and a year in prison.

Decision of Justice Department 

Now the decision is up to Justice Department, which will finally make the decision about Mr. Meadow whether to charge him or not. On 6th January, Trump supporters invaded the  US Congress building when lawmakers were meeting to clarify the results of the election. On Tuesday representatives of two republicans, Adam Kinzinge and Liz Cheney voted in favor of the recommendation and broke party ranks during the vote. This step is the latest signal that the house panel is investigating the protest which was initiated after Us senate failed in attempting to form a wider communication.

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It is a First Time to Hold a Member

According to the chamber’s records since the 1830s, this is the first time a committee has voted to hold a member. The current show of 6th January leaves no angle that is unvisited as it examines the worst assault on the capital in more than 200 years.

the committee’s chair, Bennie Thompson, said, “These times history will be written about the decision taken by committee.” And “And history will not look upon any of you as a martyr and as a victim”. the Democratic chairman of the House panel investigating the riot Said.

What Records Say

Regarding the event, Mr. Meadow provided approx. 9000 pages of records, before last week. His communication which claims that these are protected by a legal principle which is designed to hide several records of white house known as  executive privilege

On Monday, congress voted universally to suggest that the house hold him in contempt when meadow denied twice to appear at scheduled disposition. On 6th January Representative Bennie Thompson said” Mr. Meadow sent records and he does not want to hide behind some excuse. Mr. Meadow started doing the right things.”

when these records raise questions as most certainly do- you must come in and answer those questions. Mr. Thompson added, he did not even show. He changed his mind and said to pound sand.

Mr. Meadow received the message sent by the committee on Monday while the violence was on way, which revealed that the relationship was concerned about what was happening. Who contacted Mr. Meadows,  Donald Trump Jr was one of them who wrote he is the president has got denounced sooner.

A Good Man : Mark Meadow

 Jim Jordan, a vocal defender and Ohio Republican of Mr. Donald Trump, took to the house ahead of the vote to minimize.

Mr. Jordan told lawmakers, ”Mark Meadows is our colleague. He is a good man and my friend and this is wrong.”

 Second Department of justice to Face Charges

Mr. Meadow who became the second trump-era official with the vote known as the “department of justice to face charges” after Steve Bannon. Mr. Bannon was formally charged in Nov.

Washington DC officials said on Tuesday that they will sue the two groups , Oath Keepers and Proud Boys who were majorly involved with the Capitol violence.

What Next

for the district of Columbia Nancy Pelosi who is house speaker needs to certify all the information and reports to the US attorney.

According to law the certification of record needs the US attorney to bring this matter before the grand jury. But the department of justice will make its own decisions.

Any one who is able to do something for congress is then guilty of a crime which results in a penalty or fine and 1 to 12 month in prison. But this process hardly leads to prison

Decision of the house to utilize the justice department may be more of a warning than a solution. A person held in crime may take years and criminal cases distraught by  clearance.

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