Meenakshi Kandwal Age

36 years

Meenakshi Kandwal
Meenakshi Kandwal
Meenakshi Kandwal Age36 years (as of 2022)
ProfessionJournalist and News Anchor
Meenakshi Kandwal Age and Net Worth

What is the age of Meenakshi Kandwal?

Born on 16th March 1986, Meenakshi is working as a news anchor, and her age is 36 years (as of 2022). To date, she has worked with many news channels like Star News, ABP News, and Aaj Tak. She is now working with Times Now Navbharat channel and residing in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Biography of Meenakshi Kandwal

Born on 16th March 1986, Meenakshi Kandwal is a TV news anchor working with the channel Times Now Navbharat. She has always been the most successful and beautiful news anchor through the years. Before presenting herself live, she always understands the topic.

Moreover, she has also been actively involved in many television shows. These include “Ek Aur Ek Gyarah”, “Aaj Subah” and “Unity is Strength”. But, before news anchoring, Meenakshi was the winner of a reality show named “Star Anchor Hunt”.

Personal Details

NameMeenakshi Kandwal
ProfessionNews Reporter
Date of Birth16th March, 1986
Age36 years
ParentsMother – Puspa Kandwal
Father – Madan Lal Kandwal
SiblingsBrothers – Nitish and Prashant Kandwal
Sister – Supriya Kandwal
Zodiac SignPisces
Personal Details of Meenakshi Kandwal

Meenakshi Kandwal Family, Husband

Meenakshi was born on 16th March 1986 in Delhi. But, even though her birthplace is Delhi, her family hails from Garhwal, Uttarakhand. At a very young age, Meenakshi was very good at her studies. Regarding her education, Meenakshi pursued her education till the 10th standard from a school in Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from a college associated with Delhi University. She then pursued a PG Diploma course in Mass Communication from Sri Aurobindo Center for Arts & Communications. While she was led through the Diploma course, she learned more about the journalism industry starmusiq .

As she grew up, she became interested in watching movies and travelling to different places. According to her, if she hadn’t thought about being a news reporter, she would have thought about drafting travel blogs.

With regards to her family, she has grown up with two brothers and a sister. While the names of her brothers are Nitish and Prashant, her sister’s name is Supriya. Her mother’s name is Puspa Kandwal, and her father’s name is Madan Lal Kandwal. Even after diligent online research, we are unaware of what her parents are currently doing.

Meenakshi Kandwal Net Worth

After going through the information posted online, we can figure out the salary of Meenakshi is around Rs. 2 lakhs. However, Meenakshi’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

Meenakshi Kandwal Marriage, Husband Photo

Meenaskhi Kandwal with her Husband
Source Instagram

At present, Meenakshi is married to a man named Amit Raina. The news anchor thought about marrying the handsome man in 2017. As the parents carried out the wedding ceremony with the Hindu traditions in mind, many politicians were present for the special occasion. As of now, Meenakshi is living with her husband in Noida.

Meenakshi Kandwal Career

Soon after completing her education in 2009, Meenakshi took part in the reality show “Star Anchor Hunt”. That year, such a kind of show was running on the Star News channel. Once the jury declared her the winner of the show, she then paced ahead as a news anchor in the media industry. In 2010, she initially joined ABP News as a news anchor.

Later in 2012, she was the Anchor and the correspondent for the leading news channel, India TV. After quitting India TV, she later joined as an Associate Producer for Aaj Tak. During that period she has been working with Aaj Tak since 2015. Additionally, she was also the host of shows like “Ek Aur Ek Gyarah” and “Aaj Subah”.

At the same time, she was also hosting the show “Viral Test” on weekends. Meenakshi was later responsible for presenting a prime-time show of Aaj Tak by the name, “Unity is Strength”. These shows were nothing but “Today Morning” and “Unity is Strength”.

But, now she has discontinued serving Aaj Tak and has joined Times Now Navbharat. Because of her presentation skills, she won the ENBA best international program award. This event was held in 2018 to felicitate many news anchors for their overall performance.

These days, Meenakshi hosts “Opinion India Ka” for Times Now Navbharat. However, across her career in journalism, the news anchor has covered news regarding many events and almost everything related to General to state elections. Viewers have also praised her while she had been reporting the news across remote villages in India.

Subsequently, the lady was acknowledged for her skills when she had to present the news for the General Elections in 2019. She also received a huge response for the Indo-China Bilateral meeting in Mahabalipuram. People also appreciated her presentation skills for the Shri Kartarpur inauguration ceremony and PrayagRaj in 2019.

If you check out the videos on YouTube, you will observe a video in which Meenakshi is speaking about the India Today Media Institute. As she introduces the media institute, she speaks about the main reason why individuals should join the media institute.

While people can gain practical knowledge from a particular platform, they can learn from experienced professionals and with the help of hi-tech equipment. Despite being very famous in the media industry, we have not come across any controversies.

Hobbies and Interests

At leisure, Meenakshi likes to read books and take snaps of different locations. Besides, she often loves travelling to various destinations on holidays. As per the information on her Instagram account, she frequently writes about Uttarakhand. Once she has no work on holidays, she loves playing with puppies and dogs. The TV anchor also likes to visit the nearest market for shopping.

Favorite Things of Meenakshi Kandwal

Since Meenakshi loves watching movies, she appreciates how Hrithik Roshan and Alia Bhatt act in many films. Among athletes, Sachin Tendulkar has always been one of the favourite personalities. Apart from non-vegetarian food, Meenakshi savours Chole Kulche. Dark sea green and pale lavender are some of her favourite colours. But, even after online research, we are not sure about the dresses she likes to wear all the time.

Favorite ActorHrithik Roshan
Favorite ActressAlia Bhatt
Favorite sportsmanSachin Tendulkar
Favorite Colorspale lavender and dark sea green
Favorite foodChole Kulche
Favorite Things of Meenakshi

Meenakshi Kandwal Personality

This news anchor always stays calm and presents herself well while delivering news. Meenakshi presents the news with a subtle and gentle tone. While she is passionate about soaring high in her career, she comprehends the news well in advance.

Regardless of what she is going through in life, she never forgets to smile in front of the camera. She is also cheerful in every circumstance. With her height of 5 feet and 8 inches, she looks slender due to 58 kg as her body weight. You will not observe her smoking or drinking alcohol even when she mingles in a group.

The news anchor always carries herself with an elegant personality, even when dressed in informal clothes. Her oval face also appears beautiful due to her black eyes and medium-length hair. Her overall figure looks gorgeous because her bust, hip and waist measure 34, 32 and 32 inches.

More about Meenakshi Kandwal

Even after moving ahead in her career, Meenakshi has always been popular among many individuals. So, with this in mind, let’s check something more about the news anchor.

Meenakshi Kandwal Social Media Profiles


Despite being busy as a news anchor, Meenakshi has always regularly posted on social media platforms. Hence, let’s glimpse through her accounts on different social media sites.


On Facebook, Meenakshi always likes to share the latest news. Moreover, the news anchor also posts about the destinations she visits time and again. Through her posts on Facebook, it’s also obvious that Meenakshi is fond of wearing traditional apparel.
Most of the time, whenever she posts regarding her travelling experiences, she always posts YouTube links. As soon as you check out her Facebook page, you will observe many photos of the news anchor wearing different garments. Currently, the social media page has more than 35,000 followers.


On Instagram, Meenakshi never misses an opportunity to post photos with her husband. On the other hand, you will come across many snaps she takes with her family members or while she is travelling. You will also observe a photo of an Anchoring Workshop a few days back.
You can later check out Meenakshi’s love for dogs through some of the videos on Instagram. Apart from everything else, the news anchor posts snaps when she is wearing different types of clothes. Presently, the Instagram page has 154k followers, with 43 people following.


When you scroll through the social media page on Twitter, Meenakshi always focuses on posting about what’s actually happening in India. You can view many videos when the news anchor hosts “Opinion India Ka” on Times Now NavBharat. To date, the social media page on Twitter has more than 160K followers, with 402 individuals following the account.


In addition to an account on Facebook and Instagram, Meenakshi also posts regularly on YouTube. Despite being busy, the woman sets aside time to post about what’s happening in her life. If you go through the videos, you can check out more about the destinations Meenakshi has already visited in the past.

To your surprise, you will also observe a video in which Meenakshi recited a poem by Charles Bukowaski. Furthermore, as soon as she posts a particular video on YouTube, she never forgets to share the link on Facebook.


To get an idea about Meenakshi’s profile, you can also check out her profile page on LinkedIn. While you go through the LinkedIn profile page, you will know more about her education and the news anchor’s experience in the media industry. But, unlike other social media accounts, Meenakshi hasn’t posted anything on LinkedIn.

Facts Regarding Meenakshi Kandwal

  • Meenakshi always likes to have an enjoyable time with her family. She never forgets about spending some moments even when she is busy with her projects. This fact is evident from her social media post on Facebook. As you come across the post, she has recently posted a link regarding her trip with her family to Kashmir.
  • Through the years, as Meenakshi moved ahead in her career, she has earned recognition for her presentation skills. She is also the most beautiful woman among many TV anchors.
  • As Meenakshi served as a TV anchor, she has worked with numerous news channels like Aaj Tak, India TV and Star News. Besides, she was actively involved in many annual events. These events include Panchayat-Aajtak, Sahitya Aajtak and Agenda-Aajtak.
  • Meenakshi always keeps herself busy with many hobbies. While she loves reading books, she also likes writing. This fact is evident from her social media posts through which she states her different thoughts.
  • Whenever Meenakshi has a lot of free time, she occasionally writes for the India Today magazine. In addition, she also loves to maintain her social media presence and post news on different online platforms.
  • If Meenakshi had not chosen to move ahead in the media industry, she could have been a blogger. As she is enthusiastic about travelling to different places, she would have written about her travelling experiences. With impeccable oratory skills, she would have also thought about being a motivational speaker or a storyteller.
  • In addition to speaking Hindi fluently, Meenakshi also speaks English and Garhwali language pretty well.
  • To maintain her physical health, Meenakshi always follows a diet. Moreover, you will feel the energy whenever she presents news on the television.
  • If you come across the television anchor for the first time, her figure measurement is 33-26-33.
  • Apart from being known as a TV anchor, Meenakshi is well-known on social media. She has a lot of followers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • This beautiful lady in the media industry always likes to wear casual outfits. When you go through the Facebook page, you will observe many snaps of Meenakshi while wearing the outfits.
  • When you go through the different videos on YouTube, you will come across many videos of Meenakshi on the channels ‘News Tak’ and ‘Sahitya Tak’. Because of her speaking skills, many people still like to view the videos.
  • This news anchor is quite fond of animals. She always loves to play with dogs and spend some time when she is not busy.
  • As the news anchor a happy lifestyle, she likes to grow spiritually. With this in mind, she loves to visit temples and places known for their religious significance.
  • In 2019, this news anchor appeared in the most popular TV show, “Kaun Banega Crorepati – Season 11”. While Amitabh Bachchan used to conduct this show, Meenakshi presented herself as an expert.
  • Gardening at home is one of the indoor activities Meenakshi loves doing at her leisure.
  • Even after the lady loves eating non-vegetarian cuisines, Meenakshi makes sure that she stays fit and appears elegant.
  • While Meenakshi has always loved watching TV shows since childhood, she has developed an interest in debating several topics.