If you are a North Carolina resident and want to start a contracting business, you must take continuing education to get your business license. The North Carolina License Board for General Contractors (NCLBGC) offers a variety of continuing education that can help you get started. Each course is designed to help you learn the specific skills and knowledge you need to start your business. You can register for courses online or by mail. 

Building and Residential Contractor Continuing Education

Once you get your business license, the NCLBGC requires everyone to take and complete 8 hours of continuing education every year. The hours are divided into where a state-specified course must take 2 hours, and the other 6 hours can be from an elective course. The state-specified courses cover general business law, safety, workers’ compensation, and other business topics. The elective courses can be chosen from online or classroom courses that cover various topics, including construction, business management, and marketing.

The CE begins on January 1 of every even-numbered year. You will have until November 30 of the following year to complete 2 hours of mandatory which are offered by the board. This will be followed by 6 hours of electives courses you can take at your own pace.

You must keep records of your continuing education courses for four years. The NCLBGC may require you to submit your records at any time.

Continuing Education Providers

Rocketcert is the main provider of NCLBGC continuing education. They offer both mandatory and elective courses that are approved by the board. You can register for courses online and take them at your own pace. Upon completion of the course, you can download and print a certificate of completion.

Classroom continuing education is offered by various schools and organizations across the state. You can find a list of approved providers on the NCLBGC website.

How to Get Your License

You must pass the North Carolina Business and Law Exam to get your license. PSI Services LLC offers the exam, and you can register for the exam online or by phone. The exam covers general business law and project management. You must take the exam within one year of starting your business.

You will need to submit an application to the NCLBGC, the application fee and a certificate of completion for the Business and Law Exam. You can submit your application online or by mail. After your application is approved, you will be issued a business license.

How to Renew Your License

Your license is always valid as long as you meet your continuing education requirements. You will need to renew your license every two years, and you will need to submit a renewal application and fee to the NCLBGC. The board requires 8 hours of continuing education for each renewal period. The process for renewing your license includes;

1. Purchasing Continuing Education

Rockercert offers a variety of online courses that can help you meet your continuing education requirements. As per the state, the course should not take more than 30 days to complete.

2. Completing the Training

6 hours of the courses must be completed before you submit your renewal application. The state-specified course should be completed first; the other 6 hours can be from elective courses.

3. Submit Renewal Application

You will need to submit a renewal application, the application fee and a certificate of completion for the continuing education courses. The renewal application can be submitted online or by mail.

4. License Renewed

After your renewal application is approved, you will be issued a new business license. You should receive your license within 4-6 weeks from the date the NCLBGC receives your renewal application.

Get Started

If you are ready to start your contracting business, sign up for a course today and get started on your way to success. If you have any questions about renewing your license, you can contact Rocketcert through (800) 495-6612 or the official website.