Established in 1984, NDTV is always known to be the leading news media company in India. While the news channel primarily focuses on broadcasting and publishing digital news, it is also famous for presenting news round-the-clock. Moreover, apart from operating the news channel, NDTV 24×7, the entire team also operates NDTV India. But, even when the Journalist Radhika Roy, and the economist, Prannoy Roy manage the gamut of activities, Gautam Adani is trying to take over NDTV by some means.  Through the years, the progress of the news channel NDTV has always been phenomenal. While NDTV was in talks with Star India to present some more news segments, it was known as a broadcasting network with the launch of NDTV 24×7 and NDTV India. Additionally, the team was actively involved with managing several channels. Everything was carried out smoothly on the channel NDTV Good Times in addition to Independent Television and Astro Awani.

NDTV India News Male Anchors Name List

Check out NDTV India Male Anchor Name List with Photo 2023 – NDTV India is a popular news channel that delivers news in Hindi and English. Go through the article to know more about the male anchors working with NDTV India. 

Sr. NoNDTV India Male Anchor Name List
1.Ravish Kumar (Former)
2.Vishnu Som
3.Sanket Upadhyay
4.Akhilesh Sharma
5.Tabish Hussain
6.Prannoy Roy
7.Chetan Bhattacharji
8.Aunindyo Chakravarty
9.Kamal Khan
10.Manish Kumar
11.Manoranjan Bharati
12.Sunil Saini
13.Abhishek Sharma
14.Sreenivasan Jain
NDTV India Male Anchors List 2023

Ravish Kumar (Former)

Ravish Kumar was previously working with NDTV India as the Sr. Executive Editor. In addition to carrying out the primary responsibilities, Ravish also served as the host for many programs. These include Hum Log, Prime Time, Ravish Ki Report, and Des Ki Baat. Moreover, you will also come across this journalist in an online show through which he speaks about his life. 

As this journalist moved ahead in his career, he received many accolades. It is very interesting to know that Ravish got the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in journalism Award twice in his career. Additionally, Ravish also got Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Award for his valuable contribution to journalism and creative literature. 

While this journalist was brought up in Jitwarpur, Bihar, his parents always supported his aspirations and what he wanted to achieve. At present, Ravish is sharing a married life with Nayana Dasgupta. His wife is working as a history teacher in a college for girls. Apart from this, he also nurtures two children while living with his wife, Nayana.

Full Biography of Ravish Kumar

Vishnu Som Age

Vishnu Som

Vishnu Som has always earned recognition as a news anchor while working with NDTV India. Moreover, you will always observe Vishnu in numerous documentary series and interviews with famous personalities. But, apart from delivering news on TV, Vishnu has also covered news regarding wars, conflicts, and natural disasters.

Owing to his presentation skills, Vishnu was honored with the ‘Best Television Presenter’ award in 2012. He has also received the award for the series, ‘India’s Underwater Treasures’ that he had covered in the past. Additionally, the news anchor was felicitated with the Ramnath Goenka Excellence Award in 2011.

Regarding Vishnu’s education, he has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Master’s in Communication and Media Studies. While he pursued his graduation in 1994, he moved ahead with his Master’s Degree from Carleton University. But, before attending college, he completed his 10th standard successfully at St. Paul’s School located in Darjeeling.

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Sanket Upadhyay

Sanket Upadhyay has been working as a correspondent with NDTV India since 2007. But, when he commenced his career in journalism, he initially started working as a staff reporter with Hindustan Times. Apart from this, he has also worked with a few more news channels, like Aaj Tak and India Today Group. Moreover, Sanket has also served as Deputy Executive Editor with Network 18 India. 

Born and nurtured in Ayodhya, Sanket completed his early education at the Delhi Public School. A bit later, he pursued his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Delhi University. Presently, he is leading a life with his wife, Palki Sharma Upadhyay, who is a news anchor and Sr. journalist. 

Full Biography of Sanket Upadhyay


Akhilesh Sharma

Akhilesh Sharma has always been known as the most popular news anchor of NDTV India. Apart from presenting the news through the channel, he also serves as the host for the show, ‘Baat Pate Ki.’ While the show progresses ahead, he mostly covers social and political issues across India. But, before starting his journey with NDTV, he has already worked with channels like BBC world service, Aaj Tak, and India Today.

Born in New Delhi, Akhilesh has always followed the traditions of A Hindu family. Soon after completing his early education, he moved ahead to complete his graduation in Mass Communication. Moreover, the news anchor also flew to the United Kingdom to pursue his higher studies. At that time, he was completing his higher studies at Cardiff University in Wales.

This news anchor likes to travel to many destinations if he takes a long break from his busy life. On the other hand, Akhilesh also expresses his views on different topics across social media platforms. He has also become famous for his shows which you will come across on YouTube.

Full Biography of Akhilesh Sharma

Tabish Hussain

Tabish Hussain

Tabish Hussain has been in journalism for over two years and is currently 34. Before joining NDTV in 2019, he worked as a stock analyst with Zee News. Beyond this, Tabish is also the host of the show, ‘Raftaar’ and ‘Good Morning India.’ While you observe him in these shows, you will understand his awareness regarding social and political issues. 

Soon after completing his education till the 10th Std., Tabish moved ahead with a Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communication. During those years, Tabish was studying at the Futuristic Media Communications Centre. Furthermore, Tabish was born on 26th August 1988 and was nurtured in a traditional Muslim family.  

Check Out the Full Biography of Tabish Hussain


Prannoy Roy

Born in Calcutta, India, Prannoy Roy has been working in journalism for more than ten years. Before starting his journey with NDTV 24×7, he worked for Doordarshan and comprehensively covered more about the general elections in India. While working with Doordarshan, he used to host two shows, ‘The World This Week’ and ‘The News Tonight.’

This journalist completed his early education at La Martiniere School and the Doon School. A bit later, he pursued his higher studies at a well-known college in London. Subsequently, he successfully completed his Ph. D. at the Delhi School of Economics. But, when he is staying with his wife, he has been working with NDTV as an Executive Co-Chairperson for quite some time.

Due to his presentation skills, Prannoy Roy was honored with many accolades. Apart from receiving the Red Ink award from the team of the Mumbai Press Club, he also got the Asian Television Award during his career. Beyond these awards, he is also known for his fellowship in the UK.

Full Biography of Prannoy Roy

Chetan Bhattacharji Age

Chetan Bhattacharji

Nurtured in a well-cultured family settled in Delhi, Chetan Bhattacharji is now working with NDTV India as a Sr. Managing Editor. Apart from being actively involved in numerous discussions, the journalist is also known for his research papers and articles. He has also stated his thoughts on air pollution and climatic changes through the research papers.

After completing his studies at an excellent school, Chetan attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts. He also pursued his post-graduation in broadcast journalism soon after graduating from college. Later, he completed a certified course from IIM Bangalore. This course covered many modules and taught him the importance of finance in decision-making.

Besides playing the role of a Sr. Managing Editor, Chetan is also quite active on many social media platforms. He is also a member of a board named ‘CARE FOR AIR.’ Even when he is progressing pretty well in his career, he has not married any girl in his life.

Check Out Full Biography of Chetan Bhattacharji


Aunindyo Chakravarty

Aunindyo Chakravarty is presently managing a channel on YouTube known by the name ‘Desi Democracy.’ But, before he thought about working independently, he was working with NDTV as a Sr. Managing Editor. In the past, he has also worked as a Chief Operating Officer with Raxa Health Information Services Pvt. Ltd.

In addition to the YouTube Channel, Aunindyo is also active on Twitter which is the most popular social media platform. Beyond everything else, Aunindyo has also served as a columnist and has written many articles for MUCK RACK. Besides, he was also responsible for producing the “Simple Samachar” show when he was leading the team of the Hindi news channel. 

Full Biography of Aunindyo Chakravarty


Kamal Khan

Kamal Khan has already passed away at the age of 61 years. But, when he was pacing ahead in his career, he worked as a Resident Editor with NDTV India. Initially, Kamal Khan worked as a Russian translator and began his journey with news channels like Dainik Jagran and Nav Bharat. 

As many individuals appreciated his skills during shows and presenting news, Kamal Khan was felicitated with many awards. He received the Ganesh Shankar Award in addition to the Ramnath Goenka Award. Besides, he was known to be the best reporter when he got the NT Award at an event. He was also known for presenting a documentary related to environmental awareness.

Soon after completing his studies till the 10th standard, Kamal completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from a college in India. Additionally, Kamal also attained his postgraduate degree in English Literature. He also moved ahead in his life when he enrolled in a course at one of the universities in Russia. This course was nothing but a language course that made him quite proficient in the Russian language.

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Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar

Soon after completing his studies, Manish Kumar started serving the role of an anchor and a journalist with NDTV India. Besides, Manish is also known for covering the news related to politics and incidents in different regions of India.

As Manish was born in India, he was brought up in a middle-class Hindu family. While he completed his education till the 10th standard from Sir G D Patliputra High School, he graduated from Patna College in 1990. At present, Poonam Jha and Manish have been sharing a bond of unconditional love since January 2001.

Full Biography of Manish Kumar

Manoranjan Bharati

Manoranjan Bharati has been a Managing Editor with NDTV India since July 1996. But, before joining the most popular news channel, he used to work with Doordarshan in 1994. During his tenure, he used to present himself in a show named ‘Parakh.’ He also used to learn many things when he worked with Vinod Dua. 

Apart from presenting news on television, Manoranjan earned fame for presenting reports on the overall condition of the government. Moreover, he had always been bold when covering the attack around the Taj Mahal Hotel. After considering his valuable contribution to journalism, he was honored with the Bhikhari Thakur Award.

While Manoranjan’s parents supported his ambitions since childhood, this journalist completed his education at a school in Bihar. Later, he attained his Bachelor’s Degree and completed his Master’s in Zoology from the Science College in Patna. Additionally, he went to the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Delhi, to pursue his higher studies. Interestingly, Manoranjan is also known by his nickname, ‘Baba.’

Full Biography of Manoranjan Bharati

Sunil Saini

Sunil Saini

Born in India, Sunil Saini is now working with NDTV India as a Sr. Managing Editor. But, before he commenced his journey with NDTV India in 2005, he initially worked as a print journalist with India Today Group. He also worked with many news channels like Aaj Tak, Star TV, Zee Media, and Today Group. 

As Sunil was brought up in a Hindu family, she completed his Bachelor’s Degree from a college associated with the Punjab University. Moreover, he pursued a program in Mass Communication at Punjabi University, Patiala. Apart from this, he also completed a course in Business Journalism from the Times School of Journalism situated in New Delhi. Furthermore, when Sunil began his journey with NDTV India, he got selected for a management program from the Swedish Institute in Stockholm.

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Abhishek Sharma Age

Abhishek Sharma

Abhishek Sharma has been working with NDTV India for many years. But, before working with the news channel, he gained some years of experience with Zee News. Apart from everything else, Abhishek also involves himself in writing articles for the website of NDTV.

Even though Abhishek is well-settled in his life, he has not yet married anyone. But he might consider getting married later if his parents seek a suitable girl. In his free time, Abhishek likes to travel and spend an enjoyable time with his family. 

Full Biography of Abhishek Sharma


Sreenivasan Jain

Sreenivasan Jain has been working with NDTV India since 1995. While he serves as the host for the show Truth, he also carries out the responsibilities of a Group Editor. But, before moving ahead with his journey with NDTV India, he worked as a bureau chief between 2003 and 2008. 

Soon after observing his presentation skills and his contribution to journalism, Sreenivasan Jain was honored with the Current Affairs Award in 2006. Moreover, he also received the Ramnath Goenka award in 2014. The Press Club of Mumbai also felicitated him with the ‘Journalist of the Year’ award in 2015. 

This news anchor is known to be the grandson of M. A. Sreenivasan, who is the Minister of Mysore. While his mother, Devaki Jain, is an Indian writer, his late father, Lakshmi Chand Jai, served as a political activist. 

Full Biography of Sreenivasan Jain

NDTV India Female Anchors List 2023

Check out NDTV India Female Anchor Name List with Photo 2023 – NDTV India is a popular news channel that delivers news in Hindi and English. Go through the article to know more about the female anchors working with NDTV India. 

Sr. NoNDTV India Female Anchor Name List
1.Naghma Sahar
2.Nidhi Kulpati
3.Sikta Deo
4.Sonia Singh
5.Suparna Singh
6.Devna Dwivedi
7.Chetan Bhattacharji
8.Kadambini Sharma
9.Anjilee Istwal
10.Jaya Kaushik Trivedi
11.Puja Bhardwaj
NDTV India Female News Anchors List

Naghma Sahar

Naghma is 49 years old and has been working with NDTV India for more than ten years. But, before she commenced her journey with the news channel, she worked with news channels like Aaj Tak and Asian Age. During her career, she has covered news regarding the events occurring in Tamil Nadu. She was also responsible for covering news about the bomb blasts in Mumbai and the affected regions of the Tsunami. 

As soon as Naghma completed her 10th standard, she later pursued her Master’s Degree in Philosophy. During those years, she studied at the Delhi School of Economics. Furthermore, she attained her M. Phil. degree while studying at Jawaharlal Nehru University. However, Naghma had chosen different subjects when she was pursuing M. Phil. 

At present, Naghma is sharing a relationship with her husband, Rajeev Srivastava. While staying with her husband in Noida, she is also raising her daughter, Ira Tazeen. Naghma likes to take photographs and travel to many places in her free time. 

Full Details of Naghma Sahar


Nidhi Kulpati

Nidhi Kulpati is currently 46 years old, and she is serving the role of an Executive Editor and Anchor with NDTV India. However, when Adani gains control over the management activities, she will start working as a Managing Editor. Apart from this, Nidhi is also the host of many shows named Prime Time, Yuva Sansad, and a few more. 

As Nidhi moved ahead in her career, she received many awards for her presentation skills. While the journalist was honored with the News Broadcasting Award in 2010, she also got the award, through the INB, for being the best anchor. Additionally, Nidhi got the personality award when the NT summit was held in 2020.

Presently, Nidhi is living alone because her husband, Neelesh Mishra has already passed away a long time ago. Moreover, she has always been close to her parents, who have supported her decisions in life. But, Nidhi thought about embarking on a career in journalism soon after completing her training at Sky TV, London.  

Full Biography of Nidhi Kulpati


Sikta Deo

Sikta Deo belongs to a well-cultured family that follows the traditions of the Hindu religion. While Sikta was earlier working with NDTV India, she has already worked with channels like Aaj Tak since 1995. Apart from delivering news effectively, she has also reported on many incidents. These include the blast that affected the Samjhauta Express and the attacks on 9/11.

This news anchor was born and nurtured in India. Soon after completing her studies till the 10th standard, she moved ahead with her education at Miranda House. But, when she developed her confidence, she decided to embark on a career in journalism. As far as Sikta’s accomplishments are concerned, she has won the Indian Television Academy Award and an award from the show, ‘Aman Ka Pull.’ She has also been honored with accolades for special shows shown on television.

Full Biography of Sikta Deo

Sonia Singh Age

Sonia Singh

Sonia Singh is presently working as an Editorial Director with NDTV India. But, before moving ahead in her career, Sonia had worked as a researcher. In addition to breaking news, she was bold in covering more about the 26/11 attacks and the attack on the Parliament. She also hosts many shows named ‘NDTV Dialogues’ and ‘The News’.

As people started observing her style and presentation skills, Sonia was later honored with many awards. While she won the award for being a young achiever, she also received an award for the Best Talk Show. Apart from such awards, Sonia also got the best Editor In Chief award. 

This news anchor has some different perceptions regarding journalism. During an event, Sonia stated that professionals shouldn’t move ahead with journalism just for the Television Rating Points. Instead, individuals who have just begun their career should start with the journalist post and seek a higher position after gaining experience.  

Full Biography of Sonia Singh


Suparna Singh

As Suparna continues her stint at NDTV India, she serves many roles. Besides, when the management team was happy with how she carried every responsibility, she was appointed as a CEO soon after K. V. L. Narayan Rao. But, as she was still a citizen of the USA, she had to step down from the position. During her career with the news channel, she also led the team working with NDTV Convergence Ltd.

While Suparna was the President of NDTV India, she received the award for India’s Most Trusted Leader. In those instances, the news channel was quite glad to receive the award for ‘India’s Most Trusted Brand for News.’

Whenever Suparna has a lot of time to spend for herself, she likes to spend an enjoyable time with her family members. Moreover, she also savors many cuisines and likes animals of the breed, ‘Golden Retrievers.’ Besides, Suparna is also an avid reader, immersing herself in books of different genres.

Check Out Full Biography of Suparna Singh 


Devna Dwivedi

Devna Dwivedi has been working with NDTV India for more than a decade. But, before she joined the news channel, she completed her graduation in Arts from the La Martiniere Girls College situated in Lucknow. While studying at the college, she chose Political Science as a major subject. 

Unlike many journalists, Devna is not quite active on social media platforms. But, if you come across Devna’s Twitter profile, you can skim through her posts related to the news channel. Beyond everything else, Devna likes traveling and watching different movies.

Full Biography of Devna Dwivedi

Kadambini Sharma

Kadambini Sharma

Kadambini Sharma is presently 40 years old, and she has been working with NDTV India since December 2005. While she still works with the news channel, she has always captured the viewer’s attention as she hosts the shows Desh ki Baat and Prime Time. Moreover, she has also been the producer for the series Mission 2014, which was carried out during the general elections. 

Before embarking on a career in journalism, Kadambini completed her undergraduate degree from the University of Delhi. A bit later, she pursued her higher studies at the London School of Economics. But, as she moved ahead in her life, she was known for her perspective on social and political issues.

While Kadambini was nurtured in a middle-class Hindu family, her late father was working in the military. However, as she is already settled in her career, she is leading a married life. Apart from her usual routine, she loves reading a lot of books in her free time. 

Check Out Full Biography of Kadambini Sharma

Anjilee Istwal Age

Anjilee Istwal 

Since the beginning of her career, Anjilee has always established herself in journalism. As soon as she joined NDTV 24×7, she was appointed as the host for numerous programs. Apart from the show Smart Shopper, she is the host of the weekly show Fit Rahe India and the show named ‘Cell Guru.’ 

Besides being a news anchor, Anjilee is also known for presenting her collection of clothes with the name ‘Joli with Anjilee.’ Regarding her education, she has attained her Master’s Degree in Science from Delhi University. Subsequently, she also received a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication from the Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication. A bit later, Anjilee also gained knowledge about multimedia and Digital Communication through the Deutsche Welle Akademie.

While Anjilee was nurtured by her parents, she was brought up along with her sibling, Asheesh Istwal. Even when she is settled in her career, she has not thought about marrying a man. But, according to an interview, Anjilee is still seeking a perfect man for her marriage. 

Full Biography of Anjilee Istwal


Jaya Kaushik Trivedi

Soon after her stint with the news channel IBN 7, Jaya started working with NDTV India in October 2010. Currently, she is serving the role of an Associate News Editor and an Anchor. But, while she paced ahead in her career, she thought about enhancing her profile by completing a course in smartphone journalism.

This news anchor was nurtured in a middle-class family which follows Hinduism. Moreover, as Jaya grew up, she attained her Bachelor’s and post-graduation degrees from an educational institute affiliated with Delhi University. On the other hand, Jaya completed a Post Graduate Diploma from MCRC, Jamia, due to her interest in journalism.

Presently, Jaya is married to a well-cultured man, Abhay Trivedi. Her husband is now managing a business and a company known as Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Besides her usual routine, Jaya keeps herself busy with many hobbies. Most of the time, she loves to listen to songs composed of sweet-sounding music.

Full Biography Jaya Kaushik Trivedi

Puja Bhardwaj Age

Puja Bhardwaj

When Puja Bhardwaj started pacing ahead in her career, she initially started working as a voice-over artist. After some time, Puja also worked with a local cable channel and a regional channel. But now, Puja is working with NDTV India as an anchor, writer, and producer. She also hosts a few programs which are known as ‘City Center’ and ‘Desh Pradesh.’

Born in India on 15th July 1990, Puja was nurtured in a middle-class family living in Patna. Soon after she started growing up, she studied at a good school in the city and then graduated from a famous college in Patna.

Full Biography of Puja Bhardwaj