On Thursday, Increased infection of omicron virus of COVID -19 knocked Europe, resulting in new adherence about entering a new phase of the endemic in holidays. United States disease experts declared that a new variant of COVID -19 omicron would increase with Christmas travel, no matter if a person is vaccinated or not.

Dr. Fauci’s Statement

Dr. Fauci, who directs the United States government, said this during the N.B.C.’S meeting on Sunday.” There is no confusion that the Omicron virus has an intense capacity to spread” The variant is now intensely spreading worldwide. He added. Countries in-state are confining their measures and strict guidelines to prevent the spread of the heavy virus.

France and Germany in Europe imposed restrictions on travel, and the Netherlands declared a lockdown on Christmas. After the declarations of researchers who said the boosters could prevent 85% protection against severe weakness, the government is enhancing their booster vaccination programs of covid. But, Dr. Fauci said on Sunday, this rapid spread of the omicron virus could impose severe consequences for the health services in the whole country.

 Dr. Fauci warned,” if things remain the same, our hospitals are going to be very stressed.” He said people need to take safety measures and precautions like social distancing, wearing facial masks to cover, and getting vaccinated. He also requested more people to get their boosters and vaccine shots.

He explained the difference between a boosted person and a vaccinated person is that a person who has an infection and has never been vaccinated and someone who has an infection. Dr. Fauci said on Friday, at a White House press briefing, that people who are not vaccinated are at a higher risk of  illnesses.

Dr. Fauci warned by giving the example of two United States senators democrats who tested positive for the virus Cory Booker, 52, and Elizabeth Warren, 72. But, he added,” we are facing an ongoing omicron surge, so getting vaccination is much better to prevent b this virus.”

What CDC Report Says

A recent report from C.D.C. is that the omicron virus is 3% of current cases, primarily recorded in New York state.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.), approximately 73% of the United States population got one vaccination of covid. Till now approx 30% took their booster shot.

Till this pandemic started, the United States recorded more than 50 million and more than  800,000 Covid-related cases and deaths, respectively. Till now, there is no more information about the variant omicron, but reports warned that it is going to spread more than the delta variant of covid-19. 

 Since this widespread disease started and the U.K. recorded the covid-19 infections highest, France announced its mandate to tighten the entry rules for those coming from Britain. Just an hour later, the country set another record of 88,379 confirmed cases, which is 10,000 more than the previous day.

Although there has been so much to talk about what is okay to do and what is not. The chief officer of medial requested people to confine who they see on the festive occasion. Many are taking the suggestion seriously and canceling parties, Pubs and restaurants said. In the U.S, it is told by the white house that there is no need for a complete shutdown.

How Ministers Viewed the Risks 

On Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the U.K. The situation is different from last year because vaccines’ testing ability and use are widespread. But, he added,” if Americans have to attend any event it is best to get a test first and ensure that they are safe.”

England’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, suggested people limit their contacts. He told a parliament committee that the government might review measures if vaccines prove less efficient to fight with the omicron variant. However, Queen Elizabeth II found it safer as she chose to cancel her pre-Christmas family lunch. 

President Joe Biden said that omicron is not spreading fast in Europe due to the steps taken by the administration. However, he said unvaccinated people could be led to weakness and death.

Jeff Zients, the coordinator of White House, said that the U.S. is a significantly stronger place now compared to last year.

 In the Netherlands, people will face a partial lockdown to prevent this variant in November. However, there was a decrease in cases when the government declared to close the schools for Christmas a week early.

 Prime Minister of Belgium Alexander De Croo said, “If every country and state go alone, we will be far from home so let’s try to maintain it completely European.”

European Nations

European nations did what they were told. Earlier this week, Italy and Greece had strict policies related to travel, and Portugal decided to control its border till the end of Jan.

France will limit the number of travelers arriving from the U.K. In addition, it will require 48 hours of isolation once it comes. These new effects will start this Saturday.

President Emmanuel Macron is expecting a reelection campaign, and the French government is trying to avoid a new shutdown that will affect the economy.

Constantin Dobrynin said Waiting outside a Paris train station, and he often felt that the government was overreacting and putting unnecessary constraints. He added,” We should not be panicked, and we should be balanced. Britain is not planning any reciprocal measures.

 Sally Abé, a chef of the Conrad Hotel in London, said it’s entirely a nightmare to get the economy back on track, and this week will be the busiest week of the year. Everyone and everywhere is canceling their plans, but there is no support from the government.