Everything on the internet is only trusted by those people who are already using it. What attracts people that they start using any online thing? The answer is Reviews. Every person first checks the reviews of people who are already using that software or any other thing online. It helps them to gain confidence in the software. So, Filmora is one of the best software with all positive reviews by the users. All users are fully satisfied and happy with the Filmora and they are pleased with its regular use. Filmora is the most loveable software in 2022 by its unique and useful features. You don’t even edit videos but can also edit audios with the audio editor feature available in Filmora. Professionals, as well as beginners both, are happy with the results that they get from Filmora.

Latest features in Filmora that you can try in 2022:

Filmora now comes with new features which make your video more impressive and attractive. Features like Speed Ramping, Masking, Auto Beat, and screen recorder are added to the Filmora. Addition features and benefits are:

  • Effect Plugins
  • Preset Templates
  • Auto Synchronization
  • Stock Media
  • Wondershare Drive
  • Speed Ramping
  • Auto Beat Sync
  • Mask
  • Instant Mode

Effect Plugins: V11 is bundled with Hollywood Style NewBlue FX and Boris Continuum Complete(BCC) effect plugins, including the world-famous 3D Title Tool-NewBlue Tilter Pro 7.

Preset Templates: You could use the template presets to quickly complete the video creation and save your projects as templates for reuse.

Auto Synchronization: Automatically synchronize audio with video and make it easier to synchronize the audio recorded with different devices.

Stock Media: With the new integrated Stock Media library, you can get tons of fancy high-resolution photos, videos, and GIFs or stickers in Filmora, which are all royalty-free.

Wondershare Drive: You can transfer your files(project files, templates, and videos) to a cloud drive, use them anytime, anywhere, and share them with others.

Speed Ramping: Speed Ramping helps you master the time of your clips. Fast-mo or slow-mo is all in your control.

Auto Beat Sync: Analyze music and automatically generate highlight videos for you.

Mask: The masking tool allows you to cover up all parts of a video and create fantastic effects.

Instant Mode: Instant Mode provides complete video templates. You can quickly get a nice video within your media.

Reviews of Filmora:

As many people are using different software for video editing and they all have their reason for using it. But many professionals are using Filmora for editing their videos for promotions or for getting views. There are YouTubers, Social Media influencers, and many businessmen also using it for their business promotion. But the interesting thing is that they all are happy with the Filmora and keep using it for a long time.

The Pros and cons of Filmora:

You can check the details and information of Filmora and know about its Pros and Cons.


  • Using Filmora will help people a lot because you don’t have to hire professionals for video editing services.
  • You will get lots of benefits with Filmora and will also become professional while editing.
  • You can use it for your YouTube channel, for your Social Media account, and also promote your business.
  • You will get proper guidance and tips for editing videos and making them unique with the help of Filmora.
  • Filmora is already helping thousands of people regularly by helping them to edit videos.
  • You just have to visit Filmora to get proper knowledge about the Pros and Cons and how you can easily learn how to edit videos.


  • Limited controls
  • Less compatible than other video editing software

Filmora vs. competitors:

Filmora is getting a place in top video editing software. It is liked and used by beginners and professionals and both are fully happy with the results. They love using Filmora because it’s easy to use and has awesome features. You can try Filmora to edit any type of video very easily. You don’t have to learn editing before using it like other editing software. You can check the details of Filmora on a website and then decide whether you need it or not.

Purchase and download:

Firstly, you have to download the Filmora software where you will do all types of editing. It is free to download Filmora. You can check the plan and prices and choose according to your requirement of features. After that, you can purchase the plan and get access to edit videos and you can also create a video with Filmora. You will never disappoint with the features and facilities which are available in Filmora. It is really easy to learn video editing skills and get the best results with it. Choose monthly, yearly and perpetual plans.

Download from here:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iPad

Start editing today:

If you already have wasted lots of time starting video editing then you just have to download Filmora. You can choose the plan and then can easily start using Filmora on your devices. You have to download Filmora for free and then after you purchase the plan you will get access to use all features.

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