PikaShow App is a third-party multimedia streaming application platform and TV. It is one of the most streaming apk which includes many new movies, live cricket, TV shows, and much more all this you will get in just one app. In this PikaShow apk you will have unlimited movies, videos, web series, etc. of all other famous streaming platforms like (NETFLIX, PRIME, Sony liv, HOTSTAR, TV Channels, etc.). Moreover, you will have live sports channels and live TV channels, and much more. Further, you can download these movies and videos.

In this techno world, many OTT platforms have been introduced and after the COVID pandemic, it has been massive traffic for a good example NETFLIX. But these OTT platforms charge huge amounts. So, to resolve this problem you can download PikaShow apk which provides immense content.

App NamePikaShow APK
Latest VersionV81
Developer TeamPikaShow Team
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Features of PikaShow APK

The PikaShow apk has many features out which some major features are given below which make this PikaShow APK unique:

It Is a Flexible App

One of the amazing features of this PikaShow APK is that it can be installed on any device whether it is a smartphone, iPhone, tablet, laptop or pc, TV, etc. You can watch different movies such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and many more. Moreover, you can also watch anime, distinct TV shows, and even Korean movies, and shows and can feel leisure and relaxed by watching them for free. In addition, you can live TV, cricket match, and latest movies, and web series.

Download Videos

You can also download movies, shows, and videos if you don’t want to distract from the notification of other apps or devices and can watch offline. The PikaShow APK downloads movies and videos in High Definition (HD) and so save them and watch them later.

High-Quality Videos

This app gives you premium quality content. It provides you with all HD videos which run smoothly and without any glitches. Furthermore, you can also adjust the quality of the videos from 140p, 240p, 360, 480p, 1080p, and up to 4K as per your internet connection speed.

Multiple Language and Subtitle

The unique feature of PikaShow APK download is that you can watch any movies, TV shows, web series, or videos in your regional subtitles as it provides you multiple subtitles. And in case, if the subtitles are not available then you can find them online by option given in the PikaShow APK.

Easy to Use

 It is user-friendly, and you can easily change the playback speed, and the video quality, as the UI/UX design of the PikaShow APK is clean and fine. You can also play movies and videos in PiP (Picture in Picture) mode. Gives you the facility of screen casting so that you can easily cast your smartphone to the TV.  It supports Firestick and Android TV too, so you can directly watch your favorite movies and videos. Further, you can contact PikaShow App if you find any problem and report it, they have a quick response support system.

Free From Ads

The great feature of PikaShow APK is that you can watch any movie, web series, and videos without buffering and distribution as PikaShow APK is free from any advertisement. Thus, you can enjoy your videos and shows without any interruption.

Step to Download and and Installing PikaShow on Android, iPhone, and Laptop

It is very easy to download picasa latest version. But many times, it happens that people don’t how to download or have questions regarding where we can PikaShow APK v81 – download. So, in this post, you will get the answer. This article will give you detailed information on how to download and install PikaShow APK — download 2022. We understand that downloading from untrusted sites makes you feel a little uneasy, and your worries are valid. You should always be careful and only download the app from reliable sources. You may download the PikaShow APK from our website without worrying since we offer the safest download alternatives for every app.

For Android Users

For an android user, it is very simple and easy.  You can trouble-free download and install PikaShow APK — on your android phone, tablet, or in any android device. We described it step by step which is below:

How to Download PikaShow APK on Android

How to Download PikaShow APK on Android
How to Download PikaShow APK on Android?
  • Go to Google, type PikaShow APK — free download in the search bar of Google, there you will find many websites.
  • In which you can open any website and you will find one table in which you find a download button press on it for PikaShow APK — download.
  • Now one pop-up will appear as a notification in which you will two options download and cancel, from which you have to click on download.
  • And now you can see that PikaShow APK —   is downloading, and once downloading is done, you can find it in your download folder on your android devices such as a smartphone and tablets.
  • We assume now that you have downloaded PikaShow APK from the download procedure.

How to install Pikashow APK on your Android Phone

  • Now the question in mind is why the PikaShow App is not visible or the symbol of PikaShow APK — not visible on your android device.
  • It is happening because you have downloaded only the file of PikaShow APK.
  • So, how to install it? So, the answer is simple.
  • To need to install the PikaShow APK. First, you have to go to a folder of the download.
  • After that, you need to click on PikaShow APK file. You will have two options in front you install or cancel which you have to press on install button.
  • Now go to the setting of your android device and allow permission for PikaShow to access or unknown to access.
  • Now, locate your download PikaShow APK file and open it, a pop will appear asking whether the user wants to install it or not, then click on yes and your PikaShow APK will be installed.

For iOS Users

Nowadays, many people use the iPhone but the problem is not available the facilities that an android user can obtain. So, to download the PikaShow APK in IOS then you need to do the following steps.

How to Download PikaShow APK on iOS, iPhone

How to Download PikaShow APK on iOS, iPhone
How to Download PikaShow APK on iOS, iPhone?
  • To download the PikaShow APK on your IOS devices. First, you need to go to your app store which is available on your IOS devices such as iPad or iPhones.
  • Now, open your app store and type PikaShow APK in the app store search bar.
  • In the app store, you will find many options of PikaShow APK out of which you can choose one.
  • After that, it will ask one question get, click on that and you can start downloading.

How to Install PikaShow APK on iOS, iPhone

  • After downloading, you can install it by allowing it, on your IOS devices like Macbook or iPhone.
  • Finally, the PikaShow APK will be installed and you can enjoy your favorite videos, movies, TV channels, etc.

For PCs and Laptops

To download the PikaShow APK for PCs and Laptops. First, you need to download emulators such as Bluestacks and LDPlayer.

How to Download PikaShow APK on PC, Desktop, and Laptop

How to Download PikaShow APK on PC, Desktop, and Laptop
How to Download PikaShow APK on PC, Desktop, and Laptop?
  • Step 1: Download the Download LDPlayer for PC
  • Step 2: The process is simple and easy to install. Open LDPlayer after a successful installation.
  • Step 3: The initial loading of the LDPlayer program can take a while. You can see the LDPlayer after it has been installed. Next got to step 4.
  • Step 4: Then you need to download APKs Bundle (Split APKs) and install it.
  • Step 5: Now download PikaShow APK from the website.

How to Install PikaShow APK on PC, Laptop

  • Step 1:  Once you downloaded the PikaShow APK . You can install it LDPlayer.
  • Step 2:  Once you installed the PikaShow APK you will find it on LD Player installed list. After that, you can enjoy the movies and films which like the most.

For Android TV

How to Download PikaShow on Android TV

How to Download PikaShow on Android TV?
How to Download PikaShow on Android TV?
  • Due to technological advancement, today all TV become a smart TV, and what is the best part of it, is that you download anything which can you download your android phone.
  • To install the PikaShow APK on your android TV. First, you need to go web browser.
  • After that type PikaShow APK — free download in your web search bar there will you find many websites.
  • Open one of them, and on that website, you see a download button. Click on that button, it will ask two things install or cancel.

How to Install PikaShow APK Android TV

  • Click on the install button and it will start installing. After that, you can see the PikaShow App in your app list.
  • Once you installed the PikaShow app, you can enjoy unlimited movies, videos, web series, and whatever you like most on your android or smart TV.


You can stream videos of all kinds with stunning PikaShow app software. Any TV shows, movies, web series, or animations you can watch if from anywhere and anytime. In this APK, you may watch the most recent shows and even check out the latest highlights.



A lot of people are thankful to the founder of the PikaShow App. However, some people report or register complaints against PikaShow APK because it is a third-party source. Moreover, PikaShow APK is a piracy and illegal content app we are just providing the knowledge and also we don’t support such kinds of things.