If you’re just thinking of remodeling a room or moving house, it’s a great move to consider investing in ion planting blinds as your curtains. They are very durable and can be customized to your requirements and complement your home decor. If you want to discover more benefits of plantation shutters, click here. When you use all our tips you can pick out blinds Toorak homeowners will be able to benefit from for years to come, for aesthetic and functional reasons. 

What are my options?

There are a wide variety of interior blinds on the market. You can choose from different configurations:

  • Split shutters
  • blinds on track
  • layered shutters
  • Professional blinds
  • full height shutters
  • Blackout blinds with blinds
  • Cafe style shutters

Plantation shutters can be made of various materials, such as hardwood, PVC, foam synthetics, medium density fibers (MDF), artificial wood. Each material offers a different aesthetic, durability and versatility.

Where do I plan to install plantation shutters?

Plantation blinds combine exceptional style, highest quality, beauty and elegance. They can be installed in any room. Since they are custom made, they can fit almost any window, even the most uniquely shaped ones. Which window to have plantation shutters on is entirely up to you.

What is my budget?

Investing in plantation shutters is the best option for you and your property. They add value to your home and attract potential buyers. It’s no secret that they’re not among the cheapest curtains. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s best to install them on the front window, as they make a good first impression and create curb appeal.

Who do I buy from?

It’s a good practice to contact and book a free design consultation with a professional interior Shutters Blinds company like The House of Shutters. This allows viewing of many different samples made from the materials used to make actual plantation shutters. During home appointments, clients get some inspiring ideas and consultants discuss every detail and accurately measure windows. Everything to make sure the blinds fit the windows perfectly. Trusted plantation shutter companies like aaaplantationshutters often offer home visits, online and phone consultations free of charge.

Things you need to Look for in Top Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are very popular these days, and rightly so. They protect windows from heat, dust and bad weather, making your windows and home look sleek and modern. However, due to their popularity, there are a variety of plantation shutters available on the market. There are different forms, colours, materials and prices, making it difficult for buyers, especially first-time buyers, to decide which plantation shutters they should choose for their home. 

Material quality

The first quality of a plantation shutter is the material used to make it. The type of material used directly affects the strength and longevity of the blinds. There are a variety of materials used to construct shutters such as wood, aluminium, fibre and synthetics. However, aluminum makes plantation shutters that are strong and versatile. Aluminum is light, rust-free and durable. This makes aluminium shutters an all-weather shutter that lasts a long time and can be powder coated to reflect a wide range of colours and shades. Aluminium is inherently a strong, reliable and resilient material. So aluminum shutters won’t bend, warp, fade, crack, and are easy to clean and maintenance-free.

Have proper and adequate louver tension

This is an important factor to look for, as the shutters of the shutters should remain in the same position throughout the life of the plantation shutter. The operation should be smooth and there should be no harsh sound during operation. Some shutter manufacturers use tension screws on each side of the shutter to achieve it. However, this requires regular tightening of the screws to ensure they maintain tension. A better way to achieve this is to use a technology called a split nylon pin tensioning system, which requires no maintenance and still delivers the desired results. When you are looking for Plantation Shutters, prefer those with a split nylon tensioning system.

Buy from a reputable company

This factor sounds obvious, but with so many manufacturers of plantation shutters on the market these days, buyers can be confused. Often, a small study will help you discover companies that have reputation, knowledge, good reviews, and have been in the market for a long time. When you visit their showroom, asking questions will not only help you find out if they have after-sales support and access, but if they have the knowledge you need. Ask for references that can be cross-checked. It’s a good sign when the company provides all the information you seek.

Request a sample

A company that sells plantation shutters should be able to provide you with a complete sample of finished plantation shutters. This will help you directly check the quality of the finish and construction. Blinds should be properly painted and stained. The painted surface should be smooth and you should be able to run your hand over the surface and not feel any grain or roughness. The stained surface should be flat and protected.

Correct measurements for each window

No two windows are the same. Therefore, you have to make sure that the company installing the shutters measures each window, rather than assuming they are all the same size. Every window should have a custom plantation shutter for it.

Heat insulation

Plantation shutters should provide proper insulation. If the shutters are hollow blades, they cannot be achieved. Aluminum shutters are thermally efficient and can save a lot of heating and cooling through windows. This saves on utility bills.