The United state warned that Russia could attack Ukraine at any time, and American natives should have to leave immediately.

What Is the Ukraine Issue

The White House said that an attack could be initiated with bombardment, which will make departures and arrival difficult and endanger civilians. Moscow now is repeatedly refusing that it has no plan to attack Ukraine despite assembling 100,000 troops close to the border. However, according to a United States statement, it has issued a fresh warning to countries in Ukraine.

The State Department announced that Non-essential staff had been instructed to leave the United States Embassy located in Kyiv. To handle emergencies, the United state will maintain a small regulation in Lviv; however, Consular services will be suspended from Sunday.

According to a tweet of UK ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmons, it is stated that she is staying with her team in Kyiv. In between, Russia indicated that it has finalized to optimize its number of staff in Ukraine. According to the foreign ministry, a spokeswoman confirmed the fear of “provocations” by other parties and Kyiv.

Because of the conversation with Russia’s Vladimir Putin by phone with both France’s President Emmanuel Macron and US President Joe Biden, the attempts to de-escalate tensions through diplomacy are set to continue on Saturday.


As a result, rescheduling of a nuclear exercise took place. It is shifted to the middle of February. The upper department requests people to leave as early as possible in 24-48 hours. Sullivan said I want it to be precise. It could start during the Olympic period despite many inspections that would only happen after the Olympics.

The winter Olympics about to happen in China will end on 20th February. Sullivan said that people who are in Ukraine are in danger. There are approx. 7000 people, and green card holders in Ukraine registered with the embassy. According to a congressional aide, 30,000 people reside there.

Russia Can Handle a  Significant Military Action

Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser of the united state, said that the military of Russia is now in a position where they can handle a significant military action. Further, he added that we could not predict something for the future. What will happen? We don’t know exactly what will happen, but the threat is high enough. He said that the superpower doesn’t know precisely if the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, agreed on a final decision to attack. However, he added that the Kremlin wants to justify actions that could start with intense bombardment. His conversation and comments came as a warning to the United state for a further Russian troop buildup at Ukraine’s borders over the past week. In the coming days, the planned Russian military exercises will be in progress,

What If Russia Attack Ukraine

United president Joe Biden has said that he will not send the military to prevent any person left in the event of Russian action. Instead, the United States president hosted a video call on Friday with leaders and agreed on a coordinated effort to inflict financial results on Russia if it attacked Ukraine. The United state also added that it is also arranging 3,000 troops from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to Poland. They are expecting to arrive there next week. The military will not fight in Ukraine but will ensure the defense of US allies.

Possibility of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The United state is in front of European allies with a warning. It shows the possibility of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It was due to an increase in urgency. The Americans are concerned about the buildup of Russian troops and their position and military exercises that could lead to an attack. According to Jake Sullivan, US National Security Adviser, the latest assessment led united president Biden to close the relationship on Friday and tell them that they trusted Russian President Putin would soon give a final order.

Result if Russia Tries to Attack Ukraine

Top military adviser of Mr. Biden Gen Mark Milley made some phone calls to his counterparts in Canada, Russia, Canada, Europe, and the UK. There is a fear that if Russia tries to attack Ukraine, the exercise will put the Russian troops close to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, which will make attacks on the country easy. Russia said that its military would turn to their base after the end of the drill. The present situation comes eight years after. From then, the military of Ukraine locked in a war with Russian-backed rebels in eastern areas close to the borders of Russia. The Kremlin wants to carry out the “red lines” to ensure that its Soviet neighbour does not join NATO. Secretary-General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg said we are united and ready for any scenario.

 The president is not putting the lives of men and women in danger by sending them into war regions to prevent people who could have left. However, he added we are in a challenging situation where we are facing one of the largest armies in the works. So it’s a problematic and different situation, and things could get difficult soon.