When the United States called a meeting to talk about Moscow’s troop relations on its border with Ukraine, a flight between US envoys and Russian at the United Nations security council.

What Is the Tension Between Russia and Ukraine?

Ambassador of the United States Linda Thomas-Greenfield said that Europe had seen mobilisation for many decades. Her Russian correspondent blamed the United States for agitating for not acceptable interference in Russia’s affairs. The UK and US agreed for further approval if Russia attacks Ukraine. 

According to the secretary of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss, legislation is ready to target variety of businesses and individuals near the Kremlin. According to a US official, sanctions means the individuals who are not close to the kremlin can not include in the international financial system. 

Russia placed approx. 100,000 tanks, troops, missiles, and artillery near Ukraine’s frontiers. Due to holding a conversation on Tuesday with Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov with United State Secretary State Antony Blinken, Diplomatic efforts continued.

What Started the Ukraine Crisis?

According to a response from Russia the United States said that its motive is to reduce the crisis in Ukraine. But only after a few hours, did the deputy foreign minister of Russia say that it was not valid. So it is still in the process of preparing a response.

A state department spokesperson said that the United States would remain committed entirely to the promise made and start consulting nearly with Ukraine and its partners and allies. Many European leaders will travel to Ukraine on Tuesday for a conversation. After promising to work with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is going to Kyiv to solve arguments with Moscow and avoid further carnage.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz lead to the Ukrainian capital. Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya said on Monday at a meeting of the UN Security Council that there is no proof available that Russia is preparing a military action or any attack action against Ukraine. The United Nations did not confirm Its troop building.

He also said that Russia could expand its military in its region; however, it is none of the business of Washington. Russia tried to block the session of the United Nations body, but it failed by two votes.

Mobilisation : Largest in Europe in Decades

He said that it is not acceptable in the state’s internal affairs. It could be an attempt to mislead the international community about the circumstances of the area and the reason for the recent global tensions. Furthermore, Thomas-Greenfield stated that the United States believed a solution could be. Us warned that if Russia attacked Ukraine, the US would act, resulting in dreadful consequences. She said the mobilisation was the largest in Europe in decades. And Russia is sending more troops and forces to join them. Further, she added Moscow is thinking of increasing its forces expanding in nearly Belarus on Ukraine’s border, to 30,000.

On Monday, the US ordered the departure of family members of American government employees from Belarus, announcing the concerning and unusual Russian military build-up. It was the same order issued to the families of the United States government in the capital of Ukraine, i.e., Kyiv.

Is Ukraine a NATO Ally?

Moscow wants to promise that Ukraine will not join the NATO alliance in which all members pledge to come to each other’s help in the event of a troop attack. But the United States denied that request. Total 30 members include Nato, including the UK and the US, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. Moscow sees nato as a direct danger to its security.