Sourav Joshi Age

Sourav Joshi Age22 Years Old
Net Worth$1 Million
Net Worth in Indian Rupees0.1 Crore
Sourav Joshi Age and Net Worth

What is the age of Sourav Joshi?

Sourav Joshi, a very popular face across various social media platforms was born on 8th September 1999 in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Besides being a social media star and influencer he is also a famous YouTuber, vlogger, and painter.

Personal Life

Real NameSourav Joshi
Date of Birth08/09/1999
AGE (as of 2022)22
FatherMr. Harinder Joshi
MotherMrs. Hema Joshi
Sibling(s)Piyush Joshi and Sahil Joshi
Height- in centimetres 167.64 cm
Weight- in kilograms56 kg
Body MeasurementChest: 36 inches Waist: 30 inches Biceps : 12 inches
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
Known forArtist, vlogger and Youtuber
BirthplaceUttarakhand, India
Marital StatusBachelor
Relationship StatusSingle
SchoolingLocal School
College/UniversityPunjab Group of Colleges, Uttarakhand
Education QualificationGraduate in Fine Arts
HometownKausani, Uttarakhand, India
HobbiesVlogging and Travelling
Sexual OrientationStraight


Sourav was born into a lower-middle-class family on the 8th of September, 1999. Right then, his family resided in the village named Kausani, which falls in the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand, India. This village is a famous hill station because of the splendid panoramic views of the Himalayas that one can enjoy from this place. 

According to sources, it was only two years after the birth of Sourav that his father, Mr Harinder Joshi, decided to visit the capital city of Delhi in search of job opportunities. Even after facing a lot of struggles and going through a lot of hardships, his father wasn’t able to land a job that could make the family’s two ends meet. So, as a selfless man and someone who is dedicated to his family, he decided to take on the job of a labourer, which made it possible for his family to survive.

Later, as their family expanded, the family decided to move to Hansi, a city that falls in the Hisar district of Haryana. Here, his father took up the job of applying for a POP at home. This job helped his father to achieve a decent amount of income. After years of hardship, his family was finally able to afford to buy a home for themselves. In his vlogs, we can always see how Sourav always respects his father and mentions his humble nature. Most of the viewers are in love with the fact that Sourav never forgets the hardships of his father, which has helped him in achieving what he has today. 

Another source adds that they later moved out from Hansi and are now living in Dehradun in their own house.

Early Education

Sourav attained his early education at a local school situated in Dehradun. From his early days in education, Sourav had a stint for learning more. But, his family conditions which led them to move from one place to another in fewer periods, led him to change schools very frequently. This situation became problematic for him as he had very less time to adjust to the surroundings and start on another journey of learning. 

Secondary and Higher Education

After completing the early years of education, he somehow managed to complete his class 12th from Haryana. He wanted to prepare to sit for the entrance exams called JEE so that he could grab a seat in one of the premier institutions of the country, i.e. IIT. But, due to his low score in class 12th, he was not eligible to sit for the examination. He still didn’t give up, and after a good amount of brainstorming and discussion with his relatives and friends, he decided to pursue architecture as a career.

So, following their advice, he went to Delhi and stayed there for a year in preparation to pass the entrance examination for this subject. But all his efforts went in vain as again he was not able to pass this examination and hence he wasn’t able to bag a seat in any college. Any normal person would have given up after so many failures in a line. But, this person didn’t give up on the idea of learning and went on to attain his graduation from the Punjab Group of Colleges in Uttarakhand with a degree in Bachelors of Fine Art. 


According to sources, Sourav Joshi lives in a humble abode with his parents, his two siblings, and his grandmother. At first, they used to live in a joint family, but due to frequent relocations due to his father’s unstable job, they had to leave their big family behind. As shown in his Instagram account, he belongs to the Brahmin caste and his family like to proudly follow their Kumaoni culture by lavishly celebrating their various festivals. 

Sourav Joshi Family
Sourav Joshi Family


Right around the time when he was preparing for his entrance exams in the subject of architecture, he also became interested in the field of drawing and sketching. When he was not selected for any college, he had to come back home. Just like any other child, he was a little worried about his future after not getting any results after putting in this much hard work. 

Thoughts about joining his father at work started lurking inside his head. As the elder son, he also saw it as his responsibility to help his father in sustaining the family. It was during this time when one of his cousins, Shubham noticed a sketchbook lying on his table. The sketchbook contained some of the sketches that Sourav made during that time.

Seeing all those sketches, his cousin was convinced that Sourav had a natural talent for sketching and that he should take it forward. He suggested the same to Sourav, and that was when Sourav decided to start a channel of his own to showcase his works of art to the public.

YouTube Journey

So, after some time around July 2017, he started his first YouTube Channel, which was solely an art channel. Within a few days, he started uploading a lot of sketches and drawing videos in hopes of garnering some views. But the response was heartbreaking for him as his videos weren’t getting the attention he thought they would. Although the initial name of the channel was something else, later, he changed it to Sourav Joshi Arts, which has been the same till now.

The low level of response did not stop him from uploading videos. He went on to upload more and more videos with every day that went by, and at one point in time, his channel had more than a hundred videos but with a meagre two and a half thousand subscribers only. But all Sourav saw here was growth from zero to a number that stood in thousands. So, he analysed the situation and came to an understanding that he should create sketches according to the current trends.

Sourav Joshi Youtube
Sourav Joshi Youtube

So, he decided to create sketches of people who were becoming the trend of the generation. This was a turning point in his YouTube career. As he started making and uploading sketching videos of popular YouTube stars and other celebrities, his channel started to grow with a new number of subscribers and views. Within a short span of time, his channel grew to the point that was unbelievable even for him. Now his channel is among the most trending channels in the country. Finally, he was starting to receive the fruits of his hardship. 

During this time, he also used to make short videos that revolved around his daily life, his family, his friends, his locality, etc. But he had never uploaded such videos. On a very random day, he came across the channel Flying Beast which is a vlogging channel. After going through the videos of this channel, the idea of starting a vlogging channel came inside his head. He was inspired by Gaurav Taneja, who runs this channel, to take up this new-gen idea, but he knew that just making and uploading videos was not the end of it.

Soon he started making daily vlogs and uploaded them on his new channel. These videos mostly consisted of his family members, so they were considered to be family blogs. This new channel made by Sourav started growing at a very good rate and soon enough got monetised too. But, as all the readers know, nothing came too easily to this person. His new channel got demonetised because it failed the address verification process.

Even though he made the channel again and got it monetised again, the same thing happened twice and even thrice. Even after so many failed attempts, Sourav decided to not give up and give it another try. Luckily his channel got monetised this time, and he also started to receive pay for his work on the channel from YouTube. This was one of the most stable times in his career when both of his channels were running well and were trending at the same time.

As his art channel became more and more famous, he started to receive calls for collaborations and sponsorships from various popular companies that promoted art. These companies also wanted him to attend their events as a guest. Also, various schools and educational institutions wanted him to take workshops for their students so that the students could learn the true meaning of art. He was more than overwhelmed with the response and the amount of respect that he was receiving, and this helped him to move further toward the achievement of his goals.

Just as things had just started to roll in the right direction, March 2020 came, and the whole country came under a nationwide lockdown following the deadly Covid-19 pandemic. With the world locked inside their homes, everybody had the time to self-analyse and realised things. Sourav did the same, and when he compared the growth rate of both his channels, he saw that his vlogging channel was falling behind in terms of growth to his art channel.

He could not go out during the pandemic to upload more engaging videos, but he decided to upload his daily life inside the four walls of his house. And his first blog during this period, titled “Drawing with my family”, broke the trend chart. This video went viral, and this motivated him to upload more and more videos daily about his everyday life at his home. He worked hard to capture the little moments of his life and then upload them. His hard work started paying off, and his channel saw a jump from a thousand to more than a million subscribers within a short span of time. 

As the viewers became more and more engaged in knowing their family members of Sourav, the number of likes and subscribers also increased substantially. For a fact, the whole nation, including the world outside our nation, was sitting at home, and YouTube has always been one of the main sources of entertainment. This helped in boosting the growth of his vlogging channel, and in no time, the viewers became a part of the daily life of Sourav Joshi Vlogs.

The viewers were partly attracted to the Kumaoni lifestyle and culture of his family and also how the members of the family interact with each other. His daily vlogs have helped the viewers in gaining an insight into the not-so-sorted life of Indian families, which made it even more interesting for the viewers. All the members of his family, including his mother, father, grandmother, and brothers, add spice and salt to this special recipe of a family, and this is what attracts the viewers the most. But one added factor, according to the viewers, is the Vlogger’s youngest brother.

Being the youngest in the family gets him the love of all and his cute display of antics, speaking whatever is on his mind, makes him a favourite of one and all. He is the reason that even children watch the videos on this channel. As per the count of videos on his channel, there is rarely a day when Sourav has not uploaded a vlog on this channel. This is solid proof of how dedicated he is to his channel and all its subscribers. Even the new viewers of this channel say that they were just randomly going through YouTube, and then they happened to stumble across this channel, and that was the one time where they got addicted to watching its videos daily. 

Today Sourav Joshi Vlogs is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in the Asian continent. His vlogging channel name Sourav Joshi Vlogs has a staggering 14.7 million subscribers, and his art channel, i.e. Sourav Joshi Arts, has over 3.6 million subscribers. From what started with an inspiration from the Flying Beast to being the topmost Indian Vlogger on Youtube, having surpassed the Flying Beast within a year, he was one hell of a journey.

Sourav’s story is an inspiration to many. From belonging to a lower-middle-class family to never giving up on the hopes of learning and growing, this person has changed his life through his sheer will and hard work. Today he is capable in every way with his family by his side in his own house, luxury vehicles, and everything one can dream of.

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