Fashion is a very broad genre of dressing and self-expression in a certain context and time, of clothing, make-up, footwear, personal accessories, hair style, and body posture. The word also implies a distinctive look generally defined by the fashion business as what is stylish at that time. Fashion is an ever-evolving field and it is constantly changing. It can be described as the general attitude or’mood’ of dressing. The word was first used by James Wright in his book, A Manual for dressing Beauties (pp. reprised in the 1970s).

Fashion is an ever-changing field, influenced by such things as cosmetics, medicine, popular customs, marketing, advertisement, politics, pop culture, TV shows and movies. Women’s clothing has been a central focus of fashion trends for decades. Most fashion magazines and designers will have an ongoing feature on the latest trends in women’s clothes, which usually change every year. In fact, depending on the kind of magazine you read, you may see articles written about completely new styles or fashions every month! Some fashion trends are so predictable, that you can actually build your wardrobe around one trend; for example, you can buy almost every piece of clothes in a neutral colour (usually black, white, grey, brown) and buy just a few pieces with a print such as a floral print or animal print to create a ‘roupier’ look.

High fashion trends are almost always very different from low fashion styles. When we talk about high fashion we are talking about high quality fashions usually manufactured by top designers. If you have an eye for excellent dressing, then you could probably follow these styles. These days most women spend a lot of money and time looking at high end fashions, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should definitely start following some of these styles!

Celebrities have a huge impact on what is considered to be high fashion. Fashion is all about what is trendy, but celebrities can make it into the news very quickly. Just think about any celebrity who has a new line of clothes and they are snapped by the press almost instantly! The same thing happens with clothes, when a new style or trend is in full swing, the media loves to report on it and the public follows suit. When it comes to choosing fashionable clothes it can be very difficult to decide what is good and what is bad.

To explain what makes a clothing trend ‘good’ or ‘bad’ we need to take a step back and examine why the fashion trends occur in the first place. Fashion is basically trying to make everyday clothes more fashionable, so that people can feel better about what they are wearing. However, it can get out of control and get silly if it gets carried away. For example, it isn’t very common to see teenage girls in sexy little mini skirts, so why do this? Because it is hot for them, but this is no reason to wear something that offends people and causes offence!

Haute couture has really taken off amongst the younger generation and it is popular with everyone. This type of fashion is very individual and is usually very unique to the person wearing it. Everyone knows the phrase ‘it’s not what you are wearing that makes you look beautiful, it’s the way you are wearing it’ but for someone fashion is extremely personal. Fashion as we know it today really took off during the late nineteenth century and during the early twentieth century. The rise of couture began again in the late nineteen eighties and has remained strong throughout the twentieth century.

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