Task management allows users to achieve their goals on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Nowadays, with more and more work being done solely on computers, having the right task management app can do wonders for overall productivity. Lots of companies – including one we spoke with called TechQuarters, who provide managed IT services London businesses rate highly – use task management in order to provide the most efficient service they can to customers and clients.

Why Use a Task Manager?

While there are many people who can make themselves productive on their own, there are probably very few people who wouldn’t benefit from using a task manager whatsoever. If you’re used to managing tasks mentally, you might find that some of the burden is lifted when using task managers.

Task managers are also great for teamwork. Many of the available solutions allow users to centralise resources – such as links, documents, images, and other files. This helps minimize data loss, and ensures all users are kept up-to-date simultaneously. Some task managers also help teams centralize communications.

If you’re thinking of adopting a task management solution, below are 10 great options:


This tool is known as a workflow management solution, meaning it is ideal for teams and project. Teams can assign tasks and processes, and track them. The service also features real-time messaging, team calendars, time tracking, graphcs & data insights, and forms.


This project management tool provides individuals and teams with a digital workspace for managing their tasks and projects. It includes all the essential capabilities needed to organize tasks and track progress. Users can create and assign tasks and sub-tasks, create different projects, and upload documents. It also has 4 different views for users.


This award winning solution balances a very attractive user interface with a dense feature-set that allows teams and managers to tailor task-lists to a team’s work flow. Nifty can also import tasks from other apps which makes it very easy to centralise all information and resources. Nifty is also well-known for its superb workflow automation capabilities.


This cloud-based software is based on the Kanban system of task management. It’s interface combines infinite nested task lists, and Kanban boards to organize tasks with all the information needed for each task. This solution also features clean, cross-device syncing.

Process Bliss

This task management system is especially good for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). It features a very powerful workflow template builder which enables teams to create repeatable tasks and processes. As well as this, Process Bliss has a built-in process improvement system – the platform integrates quality analytics and template feedback that provides managers and teams with data to help them figure out how workflows can be improved.


This platform provides users with flexible options for hwo to organise your work. For example, some users may prefer task lists, while others like to use visual boards – both of these options (and more) are available in teamwork. It also features very good reporting capabilities, and all the essential task management capabilities (like time-tracking, real-time collaboration, etc.)


This is a visually stunning Kanban-style organisational system that has been voted as one of the beat ease-of-use solutions available (in 2019). Users who prefer a highly visual form of task management will prefer this software. The platform enables users to centralize tasks and resources (such as documents, links, and other info), which is great for collaboration.


For teams and businesses that favour agile workflow methodologies, Trello is a great solution. Trello features a system of boards; within boards, you create cards, and within each card, you can add expandable tasks – so it is a highly compact way of organising tasks and resources. Trello also supports a diverse range of integrations, such as DropBox, Gmail, Outlook, and more.