Pitcher Trevor Bauer of the Los Angeles Dodgers is on leave for the remainder of the current season as Major League Baseball continues to investigate sexual assault allegations…

“Today Mr. Bauer agreed to extend his administrative leave through the playoffs in a measure of good faith and in an effort to minimize any distraction to the Dodgers organization and his teammates,” Jon Fetterolf and Rachel Luba, Bauer’s agents, stated on Friday. “He continues to cooperate with the MLB investigation and refute the baseless allegations against him.”

The woman accusing Bauer, a 27-year-old San Diego resident, claims to have met the Dodgers pitcher on Instagram and alleges that she consented to have sexual relations with Bauer multiple times earlier this year. However, she has since accused him of forcing her to do things she did not consent to during intercourse.

Her allegation states that Bauer choked her to the point of losing consciousness while also repeatedly punching her in the face and hospitalizing her with other injuries. The woman laid out her claims in a request for a restraining order for domestic violence, which she filed in July.

The judge assigned to her case has temporarily granted the order but denied her request to make it a permanent order.

“I have been physically harmed, and traumatized,” the woman said in her statement to the court. “I have been diagnosed with PTSD and experience severe trauma.”

Meanwhile, Bauer, age 30, has not yet been charged with committing any crime. He has, however, been on leave from the league since the claim was filed.

Bauer’s representatives have denied the woman’s assault allegations and have stated that corroboration was not required for temporary protection orders. However, his agent Fetterolf previously confirmed that Bauer had a fully consensual sexual relationship with the woman earlier this year that was initiated by her.

A few days after what Bauer referred to as the second and last encounter, the woman made it clear to him that she was forced to seek treatment for a concussion, to which Bauer expressed confusion and concern, Fetterolf continued. However, he made it clear that the woman was not accusatory or angry when she communicated this.

“Any allegations that the pair’s encounters were not 100 percent consensual are baseless, defamatory, and will be refuted to the fullest extent of the law,” he went on to say.

For most of his MLB career, Bauer played in Cleveland before being traded to the Cincinnati Reds in 2019. Then, in February of this year, he signed a three-year deal with the Dodgers for $102 million.