What Could Be Possible Outcomes When Russia Attack Ukraine

United States President Joe Biden said that Russia might attack Ukraine. If it happens, there will be immense human costs. However, he said that the United state is prepared to respond to this move confidently on national television remarks. Mr. Joe Biden noted that Russia had accumulated 150,000 troops on Ukraine’s borders.

Russia: In Process of Military Building 

On Wednesday, Russia declared the end of military drills in Moscow-annexed Crimea and said it pulled back its troops. Without giving any details about how many troops are leaving, the defence ministry said that Southern Military District units almost completed their role in the exercise, and they are moving to their permanent position. According to evidence telecasted by state television, military vehicles were crossing the bridge to leave Crimea. There was no sign of agreement; Western leaders remained wary. Adversely, Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary-general, said it seems that Russia is continuing to build its military. On Tuesday, His comments after a meeting of the military alliance’s defence ministers echoed Mr. Biden’s remarks, according to which Russia’s withdrawal “would be good” but had not yet been verified.

According to the president’s statement, it is said that analytics shows to be in a dangerous position. Ukraine said on Tuesday that the defence ministry and two banks came under a cyber attack. Although this is not cleared yet, Ukraine had suffered attacks on a large scale before its online infrastructure and pointed out Russia. However, Russia has refused any involvement. There has been a long consideration that Russia could use less to destabilise Ukraine instead of using a full-scale invasion.

According to President Biden, we are ready to respond to any move confidently. President of Russia Vladimir Putin said security issues of Moscow should be taken seriously and should be recognized well. And Mr. Biden’s speech came hours after it. Mr. Valadimir Putin always refused to plan aggression and said Russia did not want another war in Europe. These tensions have been rising since November.

Unity Day: Wear Yellow and Blue Ribbon

Considering previous reports, the United state trusted that Russia coils attacked Ukraine on Wednesday. However, the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, announced its unity day by calling the people to wave the country’s flag and wear yellow and blue ribbons- the national color of Ukraine. With Ukraine, also known as the former Soviet republic, Russia has historical ties and deep culture. 

Nato: A Threat

Mr. Vladimir Putin wants that it will not join nato. He sees this as a danger to Russia if it expands and NATO has refused the demand. Mr. Joe Biden agreed with a proposal submitted by the government of Russia to continue.

The president of the United state gave the warning to the Americans that the economy may be disturbed by the supply of energy and sharp price increase if levied on Russia to any attack on Ukraine. The president of the United States said,” the person should understand that to protect democracy is never without cost. And I’m not pretending that this will not cause any pain. He said the administration worked on contingency plans with energy producers to avert potential issues.

Hospitals: A Preparation for an Attack

Mr. Joe Biden gave a warning and said to the people of Russia that you are not our enemy and I do not trust that you want a fight against Ukraine. Secretary of United States Antony Blinken said to his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov that the United state needs to see credible, verifiable, and meaningful de-escalation. Previously Prime Minister of Britain  Boris Johnson tweeted some mixed signals from Russia. The Russian hospitals were near the border, which could be constructed to prepare for an attack.

What Next….

On Tuesday, President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that Russia does not want to fight. He told this in a meeting of four hours with the chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz.

Mr. Vladimir Putin said that nato is unsuccessful in recognizing Russia’s fundamental security concerns. He is demanding that Ukraine now recognize the issue.

 At the joint press conference, Mr. Scholz said that the make-up of the Russian military was opaque, but there is still a possibility that this solution could make the task easy. However, Mr. Scholz said at a media briefing,” definitely, we were concerned, and this military build-up was dangerous for us.