When you are considering who to use for t shirt design, Singapore you also need to think about the different printing options available. Whether you choose DTG, screen printing, heat transfers and so on depends on the graphic you want to print, the quantity of the order and its purpose, as well as your budget. Here is a closer look at heat transfer and screen printing. Click here work uniforms to find out most beautiful uniforms. 

Heat transfer T-shirts

With heat transfer, the graphic or image is on a special transfer paper. It is placed over the garment and heat is applied which causes the ink to release onto the shirt. This method of tshirt printing is something you can do at home if you just want to create something for personal use and some printing services also offer it. The heat transfers can be created in a few different ways but the most common way is with an inkjet printer.

It is important to understand that a heat transfer shirt you create does not have the same kind of lifespan as a screen-printed shirt. You will get a few wears out of it. The good thing about this method is you can order in small qualities whereas some printing places will have a minimum order for screen printing, which is often still a large number. If you are only dealing in small numbers you do not want to be stuck with items you cannot sell or giveaway.

Screen printed shirts

Screen printed t shirt design Singapore is a popular option because once the setup is complete it is easy for the printer to create the t-shirts in a fairly short amount of time. So it makes more sense for larger orders and printers often offer discounts the more you want. While the screens are no longer necessarily made from silk as they once were, the method of screen printing has not changed a huge deal.

A screen is involved per colour required, a stencil is used and the printer squeezes the ink through onto the shirt. The more colours you want, the more screens are needed and the longer the setup and the more the charge. It is best that screen-printed shirts have one to three colours at most. It is not something you can do yourself at home unless you choose to invest in the screens and machinery and essentially set yourself up as a printer yourself. The quality of screen printing means it lasts longer and the look of the ink on the shirt looks better.


Which tshirt printing option you choose, heat transfers, screen or something else is really up to you. You might just prefer the look of one over the others, you might not have the budget for say something like DTG which is more expensive, or you might not be wanting as many shirts as the screen printing wants you to order. Think about how long you want the shirts to last, who is wearing them and try to get good quality shirts if you want people wearing them for a few years to come!

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