Vast snowstorm attacked in the western areas of the United States, leaving thousands without power.

On Christmas day, a vast snowstorm attacked in the western areas of the United state stretching from the Canadian to the Mexican border. This heavy storm left thousands without power. In addition, Approx. 76 cm (30 inches) of ice fell in the last 24 hours in northern California. Widespread problems have occurred at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport due to snow and ice.

On Sunday, Christmas evening, The state’s water resources department reported that snow was between 114% and 137% of normal ranges. The west regions are affected by heavy snow. On the other side, many southern states are experiencing warm temperatures.

Effect of Snowstorm

It causes road closures, blackouts, and a 112 km (70 miles) stretch of the inner state into Nevada. In these six states, warnings are effective. On the day, warm temperatures in the South have broken records.

Southern California was attacked by rainstorms, due to which many streets were flooded.

Santa Barbara County in San Marcos passed in the last 24 hours more than 1.8 inches of rain reported. San Luis Obispo County in Rocky Butte is 1.61 as per the official.

Stay at Your Home Today if You Can. More Snow Is on the Way !

The NWS( National Weather Service) announced winter storm warnings in Reno in Nevada declared these storms to remain heavy on Sunday and Monday. Reporters warned that traveling in the area could be a tedious task for days. NWS said Sunday on Twitter. “Stay at your home today if you can. More snow is on the way !”

Three People injured in Nevada

During this heavy storm amid confined visibility, three people were injured in Nevada’s 20-car pileup on Hwy 395. Due to the electricity cut, many residents of Washington and other areas like Oregon were affected. All of northern California was affected worst. Total 28,000 power cuts were reported in the early hours of Monday, in north coastal countries and on the Nevada border.

Effect on Various Regions


The National Weather Service warned Montana that hazardous cold wind could uncover the skin in five minutes. It could make the temperature as -48C. In California, there is one advantage: it is responsible for approximately 30% of California’s freshwater supply. Unfortunately, it was deficient after many weeks of dry weather.

The transportation department of California warned that the roads would be closed and slippery conditions for motor vehicles.


Near Texas’s border with Oklahoma, Wichita Falls, the temperature was recorded at 90 F (32C), and in Houston, temperatures hit 27C. Including Texas and Oklahoma, The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center predicted a warning due to low humidity levels, wind conditions, and warm temperatures.

Wind blow reported 45 mph. The NSW issued an advanced warning for Lake Tahoe due to widespread snow conditions.

At the End…

According to AccuWeather, snow will continue till Monday in Central and Northern California. After that, it extends to Idaho’s Snake River Valley, Salt Lake City, and western Wyoming. 

National Weather Service said In Arkansas, a little rock where the highest temperature recorded on Christmas, which is 78 degrees Fahrenheit, broke a 79-year-record.

The Weather Channel declared that there would be unseasonable warmth in the midweek in the South.