The United States has blamed China for harming its trade policies and creating serious harm to firms and workers.

China: A Contributor and Supporter

The representative of United state trade charged Beijing that it is proving unsuccessful repeatedly to complete the trading commitments. An annual review of China’s compliance has been published with a deal which provided it membership of the WTO on Wednesday. China is an important contributor and supporter  to the WTO.

This report is first since the US new appointee of president Biden’s Katherine Tai took charge as the top US trade negotiator. It outlines the troubled situation about the trade policies of china.

China’s Non-marketing Approach

Many of them are constant in Washington and shared by both republicans and democrats. It includes China’s subsidies for industries. It also strengthened the important restrictions on foreign companies and abilities to do business in Beijing and lack of safety for individual rights of property. China added that it is preparing an economy of social marketing which will help the market to define resource space and also for the government to play a better role.

According to a report, China’s acceptance of a non-marketing approach to the economy and business has grown rather than decreasing over time. It harmed the competition it generated and companies and workers.

Two Biggest Economies Are Selling One Another Subject

It also indicated that at the WTO the United state has won 27 cases against China but meaningful reforms by China remain ambiguous. The business war which was initiated under the president of the United States, Donald trump which means that world’s two biggest economies are selling one another subject to taxes or import taxes.

After struggling in a pandemic the trade between two countries has risen from $657.4bn (£484bn) which is less than the record which is set in 2018 is $1.5bn. In the world the bilateral relationship between us and China is the crucial relationship in the world. This is a concern for all of us which is not going well. The results have shown in Washington that China is purchasing less from the United state as compared to the purchase of five years ago. This is an indication of how difficult it is to grow.

Bilateral Trading

No matter if you are looking for a bilateral or multilateral trade like the WTO relations between the two countries are puzzling. There is not any proof that taxes have helped. Also there is not any possibility or chance that they will be removed any time.

China’s membership of the WTO had not any impact on political freedom. Two distinct economies will help in defining the 21st century. During Donald Trump’s presidency, Dennis Shea, United state ambassador to the WTO said that the both sides agreed in 2020.

We initiated the trade deal of phase one to try getting the Chinese attention on exact cost and we want things to work that way. He said the current administration and Ambassador Tai are still finding the provocation of the phase one deal. The United States has reduced taxes and china requested to boost us imports by $200bn and to strengthen intellectual property rules.

Effect of COVID-19

Instead the effect of covid 19 china is working on joint implementation on global economic recession. According to research by Chad Brown who is from Peterson Institute of International Economics in Washington china has brought none extra services. Pandemic hasn’t aid , he indicated that the farmers of the United states and producers have struggled to produce sufficient things and goods for the target.

Mr. brown said that it can not be said that US-China trade relations can improve also there is not chance that they are getting worse. Not same as President Trump, the administration of Biden is not threatening the trade wars and imposing new taxes on billions of dollars .

The WTO is to solve the differences. Because the United state government has blocked the appointment of new judges, over the treatment of china the main dispute resolution mechanism is not able to work since Dec 2019.

Wrapping Up

According to the USTR report it is said that new techniques should be needed to deal with many problems caused by China’s non-marketing approach to trade and economy, including an independent solution of WTO.

Mr Shea said that if the exports of china will increase to the united state and the growing trade will decrease the reason behind this is the appetite of us customers for cheap Chinese goods. Another thing that china should fulfill is a move towards making it’s economy more dependent on spending of customers. Mr Brown said any improvement in US-China trade relations will take some time and will only result from negotiation between not just two economies but the other major players too.