During a meeting this week, a United States mayoral candidate has blasted the decision to grant bail to his purported murderer. 

He, along with his team, was outraged by the news. But, according to this news, the man pointing a gun and firing this at him this week was placed in home confinement, a Louisville mayoral candidate said on Thursday.

 Nobody was injured in Monday’s gun attack on Louisville city hall contender Craig Greenberg. In the gun attack that happened on Monday, nobody was injured. Greenberg said in a statement that our justice system is not robust; it is broken. It is unbelievable that someone can murder on Monday and walk out of jail on Wednesday. He added that if someone is not in mental well-being and custody, they should be cured and given treatment in control. To improve the system, we should work together. A 21-year-old left-wing activist Mr. Quintez Brown, from west Louisville, an organizer in protest of Black Lives Matter (BLM), was bailed out on Wednesday following the police shooting of a black woman, Breonna Taylor in March 2020. The firing of the gun did not hit Greenberg. On Wednesday afternoon, a group paid the  $100,000 cash bond. Brown has been fitted with a GPS monitor in home.

He was once invited to meet Barack Obama at the launch of a program started by the president of the united state and worked before in youth violence. Lawyer of Brown said that his client had not slept for many days and weeks and had a mental breakdown. Police said that Brown was caught with a rifle near the crime location. His release after two or three days has provoked republicans.

Member of Black Lives Matter Louisville and an organizer with the Louisville Community Bail Fund, Chanelle Helm, said the institution is concerned that he is not getting enough support in jail, which he is needed. They do not have the resources to treat the mental condition. We do, and we have the setup in our communities. She explained. The donors who disagree with the selection to post Brown’s bond should learn about the reason behind why we create bail funds in the first place. Everyone in jail will not be nonviolent offenders with easy cases and low bail. We can provide the support that they need to get those cases handled.

The initial prosecutor on the case, Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell, called Brown’s release “frustrating.” Prosecutors debated and got a higher bond for Brown. This increase was from $75,000 to $100,000 cash and pleaded home incarceration if Brown was released.

O’Connell said,” the ability of release is not to access some amount of money. It should be a danger to the community. For two decades, a former Louisville criminal judge, Sean Delahanty, said that he feels the $100,000 bond for Brown is essential. And I’m confident that the lawyer who set this limit trusted that the bond is to keep the person in jail. He asked how many people blamed with murder can post $100,000 cash bonds?

Further, he said if there is a situation in which someone is not mentally well, there is much equipment available that the court can use to keep a person in custody during the period of mental evaluation and the time of treatment.

On Brown’s release, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell represented resentment in remarks on the Senate floor. He recognized the firing as what a murder attempt seems against a  Jewish mayoral candidate. In less than 48 hours, the activist attempted to murder a politician. The people of Louisville deserve better. a Louisville Democrat running for the U.S. Senate, Charles Booker, released a statement opposing Brown’s release and insisted that anyone arrested for murder attempt is harming them and others, so they should be in custody.

According to a statement given by Booker, it is said that the harsh reality of our cash bail system is that it keeps a price tag on crime without security and safety. And for that reason, many innocent people have to live in jail for no reason. On the contrary, a person who attempted murder can be released in just 48 hours if sufficient money.

Mr. Brown, who disappeared for fifteen days approx. When his parents found him safe, they issued a statement asking for privacy and patience while attending to his mental, physical, and spiritual needs.

A spokesman said that they do not talk about operational security matters. During this, Brown was limited to his residence with a GPS device.