Hair loss may profoundly affect an individual’s looks and self-confidence. These products are typically ineffective and might have unpleasant side effects, so it’s best to avoid them. Fortunately, micro-needling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) encourages natural hair growth in men and women without invasive procedures. Having a full head of hair is now within your reach.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Franklin Rose, MD, practices in New York City. Hair loss might have a major psychological effect, and he is aware of this. His staff at Utopia Med Spa uses Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to provide the most advanced hair restoration options tailored to your particular needs.

PRP: How Does It Work?

Platelet-rich plasma is referred to as PRP. The chance of an allergic response is quite low because this potent liquid is derived from your blood. Only a tiny blood sample is needed for the procedure. A centrifuge is used to separate the PRP from this blood. In our office, we have everything you need. Afterwards, the platelet-rich plasma is deliberately injected into the scalp to encourage hair follicle growth.

Is it Useful?

The researchers carried out systematic reviews of previous studies on PRP for hair loss in 2019. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery published their findings.

Two hundred sixty-two men and women with androgenic alopecia were studied in 11 separate studies. According to scientists, PRP injections have been reported to minimize hair loss and boost the diameter and density of hair growth in most trials.

Although they admitted that the therapy was contentious, their study was limited by small sample numbers and poor research quality.

Dermatologic Surgery Trusted Source published a comprehensive analysis of 19 PRP and hair loss therapy trials this year. A total of 460 persons were involved in these investigations. Hair regrowth was observed in androgen etic and alopecia aerates patients after PRP treatments.

The International Journal of Women’s Dermatology Trusted Source presented an additional evaluation of clinical research that found PRP a “promising” therapy for hair loss.

However, the team emphasized that the benefits of PRP might vary since it is administered by different researchers and clinics using varying preparations, session intervals and injection procedures.

According to the authors, without a defined injection procedure, it is impossible to infer that the therapy is beneficial at this time.


If you’ve been suffering from thinning hair, there are several reasons to explore this type of hair loss therapy. The following are some of the most significant advantages of this treatment:

The growth factors in platelet-rich plasma are extremely helpful in activating hair follicles. After only a few months, the majority of people see a difference. Please keep in mind that seeing benefits usually necessitates many sessions. Maintenance treatments are indicated as needed once good results have been achieved.

There is no time for recovery: This type of hair loss therapy does not require any downtime because it is non-surgical and takes a minor blood sample.

There is little to no discomfort: This is a fairly pleasant process due to the lack of surgery. A therapy session can be completed with just a tiny amount of your blood and a few simple injections.

The treatments are brief and painless: you’ll spend most of your time in the clinic preparing for the injections. Only a few minutes are needed to administer the shots themselves, and then you’re free to go.

Non-Surgical Hair Re-Growth

Hair growth can be restored in a variety of ways. Transplants and other operations, on the other hand, can be difficult and unpleasant. PRP injections allow you to get treatments in the comfort of your own home in an outpatient setting, with little to no downtime.

PRP Treatment for Hair Loss has a Natural Appearance

Aside from being completely undetectable, PRP Hair Treatment is also completely undetectable. There are minimal drawbacks to intravenous injections. Adverse effects and any mild bruising or redness at the injection site fade away after a few days.

Addresses Hair Thinning from the Inside Out

Using PRP therapy to treat hair loss is one of the best things because it doesn’t just treat the symptoms. The stimulation of latent hair follicles both now and in the future promotes hair growth. Because it’s all your hair growth, you can relax knowing your results will seem natural.