What are Forever Stamps?

USA First Class Forever Stamp
USA First Class Forever Stamp

Forever Stamps are non-denominated stamps that are valid no matter what happens to the cost and the price of the stamp. The US Postal Service introduced these kinds of stamps on 12 April 2007 with an image of the Liberty Bell, and they reflect a pledge that even if the value of the stamp goes down or up, it can be used for mailing in any part of the country.

Therefore, if your Forever Stamps cost $0.50 apiece today, you can use them for first class mail at any time in the future – even if the stamp price rises to $0.55 or $1.00.

Note: It should not be torn or damaged as it will not be accepted by the Postal machine.


  • The First ever stamp was issued by the United Kingdom back in 1840 known as Penny Black.
  • The design of the forever stamp was given by Carl t. Herman of Carlsbad, California. He had also designed other popular stamps like Love: True Blue (2006), Snowy Egret (2003).

However, all the first class one-ounce stamps were included in the forever stamp in 2011 except 500, 3000, 10,000 coil stamps.

How Forever Stamp Works?

  • Buy stamps forever from different online (Ebay, Amazon) and offline (Grocery and Pharmacies) sources at a first class rate. You do not need to worry if the price fluctuates in the future, it is still valid.
    For example: If you bought at $0.49 last year uncertainly the price hikes to $0.50, you can still send two ounce letters for a $1 stamp.
  • Forever stamp weight: You can use a forever stamp to mail one ounce letter within the United States. But if it weighs more than one ounce and you stick only a single stamp, it will be returned back.
  • Suppose if the letter is just more than one ounce and you have attached one forever stamp, then the machine will not accept your letter and will be back in your hands.
  • How many forever stamps do I need (first class standard size rates)
WeightRatesForever stamps
1 Oz$0.581 Forever Stamp
2 Oz$0.781 Forever Stamp and one additional ounce Forever Stamp
3 Oz$0.983 ounce Forever Stamp or 1 Forever Stamp and 2 additional ounces Forever Stamp
Forever Stamps: First Class Standard Size Rates

Can I Use Multiple Forever Stamps?

The United State Postal Service has cut down the budget of people with the introduction of an Additional Stamp. Why an additional stamp is must? It is for the domestic delivery with more than one ounce letter, which cost $0.20 each, which is lower than the 2 forever stamp. However, you may use higher denomination postage stamps from the USPS office, which will surely save your money.

The table below will help you choose from other forever stamp you can invest in.

Other Forever StampForever stamp cost
Additional Ounce Forever Stamp rate$0.20
Two Ounce Forever Stamp$0.78
Three Ounce Forever Stamp$0.98
Global Forever Stamp$1.30
Postcard Forever Stamp$0.40
Non-Machineable Surcharge Forever$0.88
Other Forever Stamp with Cost

Make sure to do your research before stamping any outgoing mail. If the weight of the letter is a little more than an ounce add on an additional stamp instead of having 2 forever stamp as an additional stamp will cost 20 cents which is lower than the cost of 2 forever stamp, or buy variable postage stamps based on how much it actually cost to send something.

Where to Buy a Forever Stamp?

  • Look for the nearest grocery store, Pharmacies, Walmart and retailer. But remember to check the authenticity of stamps before you buy as some may come out to be fake.
  • United State post office– Search for the nearest post office as that secures your money from any kind of fraud.
  • You may call on 844-737-7826 for ordering, an official number of USPS.
  • Online Postage prints with a discount – After the ongoing pandemic, stepping out is no less than a danger to your life. Print your own first class stamp at a discount of $0.04 ($0.51).
    Try for a free online account but the account can be cancelled after some point, which can cost you a subscription of $17.99/month. They may charge $1-$2 for the delivery but it does eliminates your travel to post office. Act smart and buy in bulk to cover up the charges.
  • eBay is another good option for the collection of the different kinds of stamps but be careful and check before you buy as they also sell fake stamps.
  • Using a cashback from a credit card with eBates and eBay is another idea to save your pocket. Stores like Costco can offer small discounts. Google for the nearest store available.
  • You can order directly from Amazon for fastest delivery at your door steps. USPS sell them on Amazon. Prime member can avail advantage over others, as the extra charges of delivery is not applicable for them.
  • Avail the gift card issued by stores like staples that will be useful to buy a stamp.

How Much is Forever Stamps Worth in 2022

The USPS Forever Stamp is a postage stamp in the United States Postal Services that has a fixed price of its delivery regardless of the distance it reaches. An occurrence of inflation can potentially result in a rise in its cost of the stamps. Approval of Postal Regulatory Commission is compulsory for USPS to release the new price in the market.

Forever Stamp Value as of 2022 is $0.58. It would be a wise decision of not bulk up the stamps with the expectation of Price rise in future, as the USPS priorly informs about the changes. However, take the instance of April 10, 2016, where the forever stamp cost dropped two cents (47 cents).

As per the report of Yahoo finance, there has been a 28% drop in mail volume in 10 years due to a price hike in the last few years.

USPC even lost lawsuit due to their highest hike in 2019. The reason for drastic fall in mail volume can be understood through the table given below.

Forever Stamp Historical Value

August 29, 2021$0.58
January 24, 2021$0.55
January 26, 2020$0.55
January 27, 2019$0.55
January 21, 2018$0.50
January 22, 2017$0.49
April 10, 2016$0.47
January 26, 2014$0.49
January 27, 2013$0.46
January 22, 2012$0.45
May 11, 2009$0.44
May 12, 2008$0.42
April 12, 2007$0.41
Forever Stamp Historical Value (Since 2007)

What Made The Rates Of Stamp Stabilize In USA?

  • Before 2017, USPS could increase the rates according to the inflation without any special approval.
  • The first approval is given by the Governor of the Postal Service followed by Postal Regulatory Commission.  
  • Was it easy for USPS to calculate the rates every time the inflation occurred? No, it had to simplify. Therefore, they reached a conclusion of setting the price according to the “inflation + 2%” hike in the end of 2017.
  • However, the rate of 2018 ($0.50) was already set before the decision, which led to no further changes in the beginning of the year.
  • The largest hike was 10% in year 2019, which dropped the sale of stamps drastically. Surely, this could not continue long.
  • An American citizen came upfront and filed a petition against the 10% rise in the price from 50 to 55 cents in 2019. USPS was unanswerable to this hike and the common man won. After that period, the pricing system has been organized.

Mail in Sweepstakes

After examining the table of prices hike year by year, you must have understood that spike in the prices is in favor of sweepstakes in the mail.

These are the giveaway accepted through postal mail with entry methods on social media or snail mail entry.

Guess what!

You have a higher chance of winning as fewer people enter by mail. Grab your chance! It can save your pocket from regular fluctuation of the prices. So, without any stress, send as many mails you want.

Nevertheless, be careful if the prices are about to drop soon as stocking up will be great regret.

Due to these irregular fluctuations, USPS issued notice in past for converting all forever stamps into a first class stamp which bought a reform in the working of postal services.

Reform in Postal Services

In 2015, the postal services bought a change in everyone’s life. Forever stamp was not only used for all first class stamp, but now it was also extended to postcards and many more.

Why did this happen? The regular price change affected both the consumer and the USPC. How? The consumer had to buy an additional stamp to fulfil the one ounce with the appropriate stamp and use the old stamp as soon as possible.

While USPS had to destroy the old stamps and distribute the new stamps every time the price hike occurred, facing higher losses.

Thus, new notice 2015 from USPC stated, “the Postal Service seeks to eliminate the need for customers and the Postal Service to acquire and distribute new denominated stamps in anticipation of price changes affecting these stamp types, each time a price changes. The change should provide our customers additional convenience in purchasing and maintaining stocks of up-to-date postage.”

No worries from now onwards even when the new stamps are launched or the inflation occurs. Collect it and avail all the discounts available.

Do Forever Stamp Expire?

There was a time when the price use to change and the customers had to step out to buy an additional stamp to cover up the amount but now you can mail at the same rate without any stress of travelling or ordering new stamps.

Therefore, even if you have bought it at a particular price in the past, it still holds the value for one ounce letter today.

For example, if you bought at $0.49 in January 2017 and the prices rise to $0.50, it will also hold the value of one ounce letter.

Nevertheless, be cautious about the torn, unreadable non denominational stamps as automatic sorting machines does not approve such stamps.

If the stamp is unreadable or has lost its stickiness, then try visiting the USPS office for the replacement. Or else, next time keep in a packed box for preserving its colour or shape.

You can buy them in bulk if regular postage is part of your life or else bulk up after receiving the notification of forever stamps cost from their official website.

How Frauds have flooded the online market since 2021?

Many websites are fooling the common man on the name of high-end discounts with bulk of fake forever stamps that easily catches the attention of customers and they order at the instance.

As outlined in Snopes.com, frauds have been escalating since 2021 especially on online platforms like EBay, Facebook and sundry illicit websites with 20 to 50% of discount on different stamps.

Disappointingly, these stamps are not accepted by the machine and your urgent postcard may return back.

What New Stamps Are Coming Out in 2022

USPS New Stamp 2022 are as follows:

Year of the Tiger Roars In on New Stamp
  • Rate of lunar new year stamp: $11.60
  • The main colour is orange, known to be the lucky colour of people born in the tiger (1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 and 2010), portraying the Bengal tiger.
  • The green flower symbolizes the arrival of spring.
  • In the Chinese lunar calendar, the tiger is the 3rd zodiac. People of this zodiac are known to be brave, confident and gain the attention of others.
US Flag Stamp 2022

US Flag Stamp – Issued as forever stamp with the first class rate on January 9, 2022

  • How much is us flag forever stamp worth – $11.60
  • Panes of 20 ($11.60)
  • Booklets of 20 ($11.90)
  • Coil of 100 ($58), 3000 ($1,740) and 10,000 ($5,800)

Other stamps like blueberries have been issued, which can be purchased from the official online store or retail stores. In addition, the date of the further new stamp has been issued by USPC.