If you are trying to choose between a Siamese or Himalayan cat, you are making a choice about hair length. These animals also have different personalities. Do you want a functional, conversational chat or a calm and quiet one? The first is Siamese, the second is its Himalayan counterpart.

The siamese cat

The National Cat Siamese describes this species as a “living, breathing work of art.” This tall, curved animal with attractive blue eyes and a two-tone coat was brought to Britain from Siam, now called Thailand, in the late 19th century. The Siamese coat has a light color on the body with dark spots on the head, ears, legs and tail. While Siamese – a cream or fawn base color with darker points – are the preferred model of the genre, other colors include chocolate with lighter brown points; bluepoint, with a white body and dark gray points; and lilac point, gray point on white body. Siamese ethnic-short-haired need less washing unless

The Himalayan Cat

A cross between Siamese and Persia, the Himalayan appeared in the 1950s. In the UK, this type is called long-haired colorpoint. The Cat Fanciers Association refers to the breed as Himalayan Persian because in no other time than Persian cats, the first species evolved. Some cat organizations view the Himalayan as a separate race, claiming that they produce the truth in moderation. Feline politics on the other hand, the Himalayas look like shepherds looking for a Siamese / Persian cross: a long-haired cat with bright colors and blue eyes in Siamese. On the Siamese point, Himmies also comes with a colorful rainbow point coat, tortie point (women only), lynx point,


Siamese Cats Vs Himalayan Cats need to be involved in your life – All things, whether you like it or not. They also want to discuss things with you, even though the conversation may be one-sided. They are active, fast, and fun felines, but if you want a quiet cat that is content to sit on your lap for hours on end, the Siamese may not be your breed. However, the Himalayas may be. The gentle, friendly Himalayan species need to be promoted. And cleanliness is a must-have in this category. The Himalayas do not look like Siamese, but it is something that can be said about any breed of cat.


There is no doubt that the Himalayan need more attention than its Siamese counterpart. her hair. If you dont get to the daily wash, the Siamese is the best bet. If you do not make your Himalayan all the time, it will not only look bad, but it can also grow matting. Left untreated, the gums eventually grow on the skin, causing infection.

Siamese: origin, size and character

Agile, curious and carefree, the Siamese cat breed has a strong personality. However, behind this self-reliant man, he hides a well-connected cat to his master who does not support loneliness.

His origin

Hailing from Thailand, the Siamese cat has a medium size that is part of a group of short-haired cat breeds. It dates from the 15th century. In Europe, the first Siamese were found at the London Exhibition of 1871. Several other tribes were made from the Siamese: Balinese, Himalayan, Havana, Oriental or Mandarin.

The Siamese breed was recognized by the International Feline Federation (FIF) in 1945. And in 1979, the International Cat Association (TICA) also became recognized.

His personality

Siamese cat is smart and is known for its valuable qualities. He said it is very loving which can be capricious. Siamese also said she is very talkative, she knows how to make a request for attention. Reliable and beloved, this breed of cat makes a wonderful life companion. The average cat needs exercise. He is very playful and a good hunter, trying not to get bored.

Its physics

Siamese said it was medium sized. Males and females weigh an average of 2 kg to 6 kg and weigh 30cm to 30cm at mating. A cute cat with beautiful, shiny hair. It can be identified by its dark hair at the ends of its legs, muzzle and ears. There are several types of Siamese: chocolate point (milk chocolate), blue point, red point, lilac point, seal point, cream point and tabby point.

This cat has a slender, long tail that ends in a half. Finally, this type of cat has blue eyes the size of an almond.


The Himalayan or Persian color point, derived from Persian and Siamese in color and type. Its a perfect companion, great to look like living with! Its Siamese origins give a strong sense of playfulness and playfulness, while its Persian origins make it a calm, loving human cat tagged, often in need of attention.

From the Himalayan cat Himalayan cat

Himalayan, also known as colorpoint Persian, is a kite of the United States. The name is given to it because it refers to a species of domestic rabbit from the Himalayas with the same color.

The Himalayan as we know it today is the result of a research program launched in Great Britain and the United States in 1947. The cross between a Siamese cat with semi-long hair and blue and black Persians. This species was introduced in England in 1955 and in the United States in 1957.

Although the Himalayan is considered an important part of the Persian nation, it is considered to be a distinct nation by TICA, WCF and ACFA.

Hair color

Its color is very white, bright, or light, and it is a little darker as it grows.  The most popular colors are seal point, blue point and red point. Thus, there are chocolate point, lilac point, cream point, tortie point, and there are also smoke points and shaded points.