ABP News was initially launched as Star-News on 18th February 1998. It is the Hindi language free-to-air television channel, which the ABP group later acquired. In the beginning, the satellite television provider for ABP news was Star India (Disney Star), and ABP partnered with the NDTV Media company. ABP was a bilingual channel in the beginning, and later it decided to tune Hindi only in 2003 when its partnership with NDTV ended.

ABP News reaches more than 238 million TV audiences week. ABP also has its website ABP Live.

Check Out the List of ABP News Anchor Name List Female and Male (As of 2023)

  1. Akhilesh Ananad (अखिलेश आनंद)
  2. Sumit Awasthi (सुमित अवस्थी)
  3. Rubika Liyaquat (रुबिका लियाकत)
  4. Pratima Mishra (प्रतिमा मिश्रा)
  5. Kumkum Binwal (कुमकुम बिनवाल)
  6. Shobhna Yadav (शोभना यादव)
  7. Shikha Thakur (शिखा ठाकुर)
  8. Shagun Sharma (शगुन शर्मा)

ABP News Anchor Male Name List

Check out ABP News Male Anchor Name List with photo – ABP News is an Indian Hindi news channel owned by ABP Group. Get all the details about ABP News all male Anchor name list.

Sr. NoABP News Male Anchors Names
1Akhilesh Anand
2Sumit Awasthi
ABP News Anchor Male Name List

Akhilesh Anand (अखिलेश आनंद)


Akhilesh Anand joined the ABP Network in January 2016 and currently works as a Senior News Anchor host of the Prime Time show “Ghanti Bajao”. Akhilesh Anand also bagged the Gulshan Kumar award for his excellence in his news anchoring.

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Sumit Awasthi (सुमित अवस्थी)

Sumit Awasthi age is 49 years old. He was working with ABP News Channel, for some of the reason Sumit quit the ABP News, and currently he is working with News 18 as a Deputy Managing Editor, he also worked as a news anchor for other big news channels such as News 24, Aajtak, Zee News, and the  Indian Express.

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ABP News Anchor List Female

Check out ABP News Female Anchor Name List with photo 2023– ABP News is an Indian Hindi news channel owned by ABP Group. Get all the details about ABP News all Female Anchor name list.

Sr. NoABP News Female Anchors Names
1Rubika Liyaqat
2Pratima Mishra
3Shikha Thakur
4Kumkum Binwal
5Shobhna Yadav
6Shagun Sharma
ABP News Female Anchor Name List

Rubika Liyaquat (रुबिका लियाकत)

Rubika Liyaquat

Rubika is 39 years old. She was born on 18th April 1983 in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Rubika graduated in 2005, and from there, she went to work with Live India News as a journalist. She worked for a famous Hindi news channel, Zee News. Later she quit her job and currently Rubika Liyaquat working with ABP News.

Full Biography of Rubika Liyaquat

Pratima Mishra (प्रतिमा मिश्रा)

Pratima Mishra ABP News

Pratima joined ABP in June 2012 as a news reporter. Her impressive work as a ground reporter convinced the management of ABP to let her host a four-hour-long morning show ABP News Namaste Bharat.

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Kumkum Binwal (कुमकुम बिनवाल)

Kumkum Binwal

Kumkum Binwal Age is 36 years old. She was born on 26th October 1986 in the Haldwani district of Uttarakhand. She started her career for Focus TV as a news anchor in 2009. In 2017, she quit her Focus TV job and started working with the India Today group. In India Today, she used to work as a host of the shows ‘Aapke Mann Ki Baat’, which was broadcasted on Aajtak Tez.

Later in 2020, she decided to join ABP News, where she is working as a host for ‘Namaste Bharat.’ She is an excellent and unbiased reporter who used to ask questions even from the government.

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Shobhna Yadav (शोभना यादव)

Shobhna Yadav

Shobhna Yadav is 36 years old, and she is working with ABP News channel. She was born on the 11th of March 1986 in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Shobhna started her journalism career as a reporter on the local news channel ITV News in New Delhi, where she worked for five years. Later she moved to Mumbai, where she worked for India News.

Shobna Yadav is married to Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, currently serving as the Deputy Commissioner of the Delhi Police. They both have one daughter and one son. Her fearless anchoring led her to win many Awards. She had won the prestigious Ramnath Goenka Award for her news anchoring.

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Shikha Thakur (शिखा ठाकुर)

shikha thakur

Shikha Thakur never revealed her age; we only know her birth date, the 24th of April, through her social media birthday post. After her graduation, she started working as an intern for Prabhat Khabar. Shikha joined the Publishing house of Prabhat Khabar in 2011.

Later she started taking an internship in Radio Mirchi. Shikha had done a live program, ‘classic cassette’, a two-month-long program, as an anchor with the RJ. Shikha later also worked as an anchor for News Point. In 2016, Shikha joined ABP News, where Shikha featured ‘Punchnama, a daily news show.

Full Biography of Shikha Thakur

Shagun Sharma (शगुन शर्मा)

shagun sharma

Shagun Sharma age is 38 Years old, and her background and birthplace remain unknown to the common public. She is currently an anchor in ‘Sachi Ghatna’ for the ABP news. Shagun also hosts the ABP uncut section, where she shows Beauty techniques and tips and tricks for grooming a woman in her personal life.

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