Since its inception, the TV channel, India Today TV Channel has always been delivering news with a network based in Noida. While this channel comes under Living Media, TV Today Network Ltd. owned it from the beginning. Way back in 2003, this channel was launched as a part of the Hindi Aaj Tak news channel. But, now, it is considered as one of the four channels along with Delhi Aaj Tak, Tez, and Aaj Tak.

As this TV channel emerged and became popular among many households, it has won many awards. After numerous years, India Today got an award from the Indian Television Academy (ITA) and Exchange4media News Broadcasting. Moreover, among the associated journalists, Rahul Kanwal is the news director, while Shiv Aroor and Rajdeep Sardesai are the consulting editors. 

India Today News (TV Channel) Anchors Name List

  1. Rajdeep Sardesai (राजदीप सरदेसाई)
  2. Rahul Kanwal (राहुल कंवल)
  3. Shiv Aroor (शिव अरूर)
  4. Gaurav C Sawant (गौरव सावंत)
  5. Preeti Choudhry (प्रीति चौधरी)
  6. Chaiti Narula (चैती नरूला)
  7. Nabila Jamal (नबीला जमाल)
  8. Sneha Mordani (स्नेहा मोरदानी)

India Today (TV Channel) Male Anchors List 2023

Check out India Today (TV Channel) Male Anchor Name List with photo 2023 – India Today is a news channel that presents current affairs and business news. To know more about the accomplishments of the male anchors, you can read through this article. 

Sr. NoIndia Today Male Anchors Name List
1Rajdeep Sardesai
2Rahul Kanwal
3Shiv Aroor
4Gaurav C Sawant
India Today (TV Channel) Male Anchors List
Rajdeep Sardesai (राजदीप सरदेसाई) - India Today News
Rajdeep Sardesai

Rajdeep Sardesai (राजदीप सरदेसाई)

After gaining experience for more than ten years, Rajdeep is now working with India Today as a consulting editor. Additionally, he also carries himself pretty well when he hosts a prime-time show on the news channel. But, when this news anchor started his career, he worked with the Times of India as an editor for Mumbai. 

Soon after starting his career, Rajdeep received many awards for journalistic excellence. He was also honored with the Padma Shree award in 2008. Subsequently, this news anchor also got the Asian Television Awards in 2014. If you think about reading the Hindustan Times, you will come across a fortnightly column that Rajdeep often writes. 

Regarding his family, Rajdeep was born in Gujarat and was nurtured by a Gujarati mother and a Goan father. Soon after his schooling at the Campion School in Mumbai, this news anchor pursued his Bachelor’s degree from St. Xavier’s College. Later, he attained his Master’s Degree from the University College in Oxford.

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Rahul Kanwal (राहुल कंवल) - India Today News
Rahul Kanwal

Rahul Kanwal (राहुल कंवल)

Rahul Kanwal has always gained popularity in journalism, and he is now 42 years old. Besides working as a News Director for India Today, Rahul is also the host of the show named Newstrack. Moreover, you can also observe him presenting himself in a totally different show by the name, Jab We Met. Before joining India Today, Rahul had already worked with news channels like Aaj Tak and Zee News.

While this news anchor was brought up in a well-cultured family in Patna, he also attained his Bachelor’s degree from Cardiff University. But, even when he became famous for his presentation skills, he received a lot of criticism and controversies around him.

At present, Rahul Kanwal is happily married to a beautiful lady, Jasleen Dhanota. As his wife is always with Rahul during every phase, they share a different bond with their son, Neevan.

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Shiv Aroor (शिव अरूर) - India Today News
Shiv Aroor

Shiv Aroor (शिव अरूर)

Through the years, Shiv Aroor has always been recognized as an author and a journalist. In addition to being an anchor with India Today, the handsome man is also a defense correspondent. He has also received a few awards for his immense contribution to journalism.

Now, with regards to Shiv’s education, he has completed his Bachelor’s in Arts from Stephen’s College. Moreover, he also pursued International Journalism from a college affiliated with Cardiff University. Apart from his career, Shiv also manages a website, As he posts stories regularly of military heroes, he tries to structure them well to inspire Today’s generation.

Born on 25th September 1980, Shiv was nurtured in a family settled in New Delhi. But, even after going through many resources, we are unaware of his parents and siblings. 

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Gaurav C Sawant (गौरव सावंत) - India Today News
Gaurav C Sawant

Gaurav C Sawant (गौरव सावंत)

Gaurav Sawant has always been popular among individuals for his role as a journalist. Currently, he is working with India Today TV as a Sr. Executive Editor. But, before he joined India Today TV, he had already worked with news channels like Aaj Tak and Star News. As soon as Gaurav started his career, he worked as a crime reporter with The Indian Express.

As far as Gaurav’s upbringing is concerned, he was nurtured in a well-to-do family in New Delhi. While his father works as a military officer, his mother works as a Hindi teacher. Soon after settling in life, Gaurav got married to Aditi Arora. 

Besides his role in the journalism industry, Gaurav is the first journalist to perform free falls, skydives, and many para jumps. He is also known to carry out a live recording of a dispute along India China border. 

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India Today Female Anchors List 2023

Check out India Today TV Channel Female Anchor Name List with photo 2023 – India Today TV is a news channel that presents news related to current affairs and businesses. You can read through this article to learn more about the accomplishments of the female anchors working with the TV channel.

Sr. NoIndia Today Female Anchors Name List
1Preeti Choudhry
2Chaiti Narula
3Nabila Jamal
4Sneha Mordani
India Today (TV Channel) Female Anchors List
Preeti Choudhry (प्रीति चौधरी) - India Today News
Preeti Choudhry

Preeti Choudhry (प्रीति चौधरी)

Nurtured in a Hindu family, Preeti has always maintained her focus in the journalism industry. Presently, she is working as a news anchor with India Today. Besides, this news presenter was felicitated with the Ramnath Goenka Award after covering more about Punjab’s drug menace. 

During her career, Preeti has always tried to cover all kinds of stories. She has also been known for her investigation and her style while presenting certain issues. In addition to anchoring, this beautiful lady was featured in the photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar. 

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Chaiti Narula (चैती नरूला) - India Today News
Chaiti Narula

Chaiti Narula (चैती नरूला)

With years of experience in her profile, Chaiti is now working as a Deputy Editor with India Today. But, when she was pursuing her higher studies at a well-known college, she began her career with DNA. Apart from this, Chaiti is also known for her style when she used to host a show, ‘Tee Time with Chaiti Narula.’ 

As Chaiti is concerned about mental health, she has also played a role of a ‘Mentor’ with the Young Mental Health Advocacy Program. Additionally, she has always been quite versatile enough to create content on lifestyle and many topics. 

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Nabila Jamal (नबीला जमाल) - India Today News
Nabila Jamal

Nabila Jamal (नबीला जमाल)

Nabila is now working with India Today Group, and she is still brimming with confidence at the age of 29 years. But even though she hails from a Muslim family, she is known for her oratory skills in Kannada and English. Furthermore, it’s quite interesting to know that Nabila had worked with a channel, NEWS 9, for around ten years. 

While this beautiful journalist grew up in a close-knit family, she completed her early education at Baldwin Girls High School. A bit later, Nabila graduated with Economics as her major subject. Additionally, she also completed her post-graduation from Bangalore University. 

After observing her presentation skills, Nabila was felicitated with the award for the ‘Best News Anchor.’ But, after broadcasting about the illegal mining activity, she had to face the attacks of the Mafia. 

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Sneha Mordani (स्नेहा मोरदानी) - India Today News
Sneha Mordani

Sneha Mordani (स्नेहा मोरदानी)

Brought up in a middle-class family, Sneha is now working with TV Today Network as a Deputy Editor. But, before moving ahead with the position with TV Today Network, Sneha has always contributed immensely to news channels like Network 18, NewsX, and Times Network.

Regarding her education, Sneha completed her high school studies at a reputed educational institute. Moreover, the Deputy Editor also pursued her graduation from Lady Shri Ram College situated in Delhi. Post-graduation, she also completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism. While she was studying at IIJNM, Bangalore, she learned everything about journalism.

Currently, Sneha is happily married to a handsome man. But, after scrolling through many online resources, we are not about to determine her husband’s occupation and anything about her children.

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Who is the owner of India Today TV?

Aroon Purie is the founder and chairperson of the India Today Group. However, Sanjay Sharma is working as Deputy Editor with the TV channel. 

What are the numerous channels of India Today Group?

Under the India Today group, you will come across many news channels like Tez, Aaj Tak, and Delhi Aaj Tak.